Friday, December 3, 2010

In and Out- November

It's already December! WOW November went by quickly huh? 22 more days before Christmas!

What will you be asking for Christmas this year?

Is someone asking their parents/husband/boyfriend to get them a designer purse? I think I will ask my parents for a Prada purse(lol). So, to my mom and dad, if you guys are reading this I want a Prada purse for Christmas, it's just $1250- no biggie! I'm just kidding. I'm happy with what I have. Definitely no makeup(or maybe the new nude collection from MAC coming out on Dec 26?) for Christmas this year.

So..guess what!? I don't have my beloved camera again, but don't worry I will get it tomorrow.

What will a lazy blogger do without her camera? An In and Out post of course!

Here are my In and Outs for the month of November.


Jeggings- I prefer jeggings over jeans that's for sure! I specifically love my Citizens of Humanity and Seven Jeans jeggings.

Coats- Definitely a must if you live in a cold country(like Canada!). I just realized that it's really expensive to live in a cold country. You need all these winter clothes and gears to keep you warm(gloves, rain boots, toques, scarves, etc).

Nutella Hot Chocolate- I'am OBSESSED with this drink! A tad bit of marshmallows and a tad bit of whip cream- voila! yummy goodness :)

Aveeno Moisturizers- I love Aveeno. I have been using their daily moisturizer every single day(twice a day) and my skin looks amazing. I have dry sensitive skin, so I need a light creamy moisturizer and I found it.

Bath and Body Works' candles- LOVE! I have four candles from BBW and my house smells delicious. I'm currently burning Mint Chocolate.

Twitter- well, who isn't obsessed with Twitter? maybe some, but it is addicting. I gained so many new friends. SO thank you to everyone who followed me. For those who aren't please follow me. I have been following so many people lately and it actually feels really good. So link up your Twitter page ladies and gents. I will def follow you guys. :)

Christmas Songs- Makes me happy and feel festive. What's your favorite Christmas song?

Lisa Taubes chain necklace from Lorraine Stanick- I just got mine a week ago and I have been wearing them non-stop this week. It goes with every outfit. They have the best customer service and mine arrived in two weeks. Im really impressed! Go get yours, or maybe give them as a Christmas present. I bet she will love them.


Crappy weather- who likes crappy weather!? apparently this winter will be coldest in 50 years!(for Canada). To my Canadian followers, let's get ready shall we?

Spending problems- I need to stop buying clothes/makeup. I have tons, and I need to be practical. UGH it's so hard to be a girl. :D

So...that's it for now, I shall be back tomorrow for some OOTD and FOTD. :)

What are your In and Outs at the moment?

Happy December.


  1. i have aveeno moisturizer too, does it smell kind of fishy sometimes to you? it does it me. takes sooo long to use too! so i've been switching.
    jeggings! did you see Conan O'Brien wearing jeggings on last nights show? so funny! ( probably has it)
    i've been wanting some nutella products recently. haven't had it in years!

  2. The shipping was ok? Ah ive heard so many different reviews, etc, im nervous to order from Lorraine. Thankyou for your review xx

  3. @Alexis- Yeah I saw him wore jeggings. its hilarious!! U should try Nutella hot chocolate its heaven!!!

    @Kellie- yea the shipping was good! It took only 2 weeks. Great customer service too!!! :)

  4. I love jeggings too, esp on my "bigger" days when I don't feel like facing the button on my jeans .. lol.

  5. @Miss Kimmy- haha. I know what you mean hun. I cant get enough of them :)

  6. Oooh, I practically live in jeggings. They're so comfortable! And yes, being a girl is hard; so many things to spend our money on! xoxoxoo


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