Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Purple Holiday Makeup Look

How's the Holiday shopping going? Are you guys done? 16 more days till Christmas.

WOW December is flying by quickly. Then, New Years is up next. What's your New Years resolution? I think mine will be spending wisely and do not buy A LOT of makeup. I'll TRY to persue this New Years resolution of mine.

Oh, I have a quick question...Are you guys going on a Holiday Vacation? or are you just staying home with your family and friends?

Last Week, I think that was a Saturday, my friends and I went Holiday shopping. I, personally do not like shopping with a lot of people. I prefer shopping alone because I can stay in one store for how many minutes, or hours(Sephora, H&M, Aritzia). If you're shopping with guys, do expect that they will rush you because they will for sure say "hurry up! you're taking hours to shop!" Don't you just hate that!? I DO!

Do you prefer shopping alone? or with a bunch of people? I guess I don't mind shopping with my mom/sister or with couple of friends.

Anyways, enough with the chit chat of what I did last weekend and lets go on with my FOTD. I guess this look can be worn during the Holiday right? well, I will :)

Here's my Purple Holiday makeup Look(nothing fancy)
I used couple of new products and loving them to pieces. Let me show them to you.
FOR EYES: I first applied MAC Painterly Paintpot(as eyeshadow base), then I used MAC Jest(for inner half), MAC Star Violet (for outer half), and tiny teeny amount of MAC Carbon eyeshadow(for outer V). I then applied MAC Superslick Liquid Liner in On The Hunt(upper lashline). Lastly, I used MAC Technakohl in Graph Black(waterline). For Mascara- I used YSL Faux Cils(2 coats)
FOR FACE: I first mixed my foundation- NARS Sheer Glow in Ceylon and MAC Face and Body in C3, then I applied concealer- YSL Touche Eclat(for undereyes) and MAC Select Moisture(for uneven shades on my face and for scars/zits). Then I used MAC Natural Skin Finish in Medium(for all over face powder)I then used my NARS Casino Bronzer for cheek/face contour, and applied NARS Deep Throat blush. Lastly, I used MAC By Candlelight for highlight(cheeks/nose) .
FOR LIPS: Simple and nude. Just the way I like it :)- I used MAC Hue lipstick and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Nude Lustre

The new products I used are the MAC eyeshadows(Jest and Star Viloet). I love them. I personally like Jest better compared to Star Violet just because I know I will be using Jest more often. Jest is SUPER SIMILAR to Naked Lunch, but it has more pink tone to it compared to Naked Lunch.

So what will you be sporting on Christmas eve or Christmas Parties(makeup wise)?

Happy Thursday :)


  1. Hey Kim!!! Your makeup looks so pretty here!!! As for shopping, I prefer to either shop with just one other person or in a group just dosnt work for me either, I like to browse too much, and everyone else seems in a hurry! We are staying in town for Christmas this year, which is nice as we usually travel. XOXO! :)

  2. love it!^^ the eyeshadow is amazing and so is the lip compliments well with your shadows =)

  3. the sad thing is, i haven't even started my holiday shopping! gorgeous makeup! xo

  4. Isn't painterly pot amazing? :) I'm in love with their paintpots. Soft Ochre is good too! I like the look! :)

  5. @Alexis- Thanks love :)

    @Pammy- Yah, I know same here. I LIKE shopping alone or with couple of friends, but thats it. I want to shop for a LONG LONG TIME :)

    @Locke- Thank you. I love nude lips :)

  6. @Plaisir De Fleur- Thanks :) You should go now :)

    @Mara- I dont have SOft Ochre, but I would love to purchase that next. Thanks xo

  7. Great job :) that look came out pretty! I cant believe Christmas is almost here. I'm just about done with my shopping. Have a great night XOXO

  8. @Venus in Virgo- Thanks hun :) I hope you have a great night too and have a wonderful Holiday xo

  9. i haven't even started my christmas shopping.. oh nos >.<

  10. lovely look :D

  11. Looks great. Love the eye colour. I don't have any of those colour. Looks like I need to go shopping. Your skin looks amazing as well.
    We have our annual christmas party on Saturday at our house. I bought some new aqua creams from MUFE and plan on using those but haven;t come up with the exact look yet.


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