Sunday, December 5, 2010

Obsession : Wrap Bracelets

I LOVE wrap bracelets hands DOWN!

I'm OBSESSED with them. I love how versatile they are that you can wear them with any outfits(except formal of course). These are just few photos I would like to share with you guys.


I specifically love Chan Luu wrap bracelets. I cant get enough of them. Aren't they pretty!?
Who can say no to a rocker-esque bracelet? I for sure can't!
I adore this chic/sophisticated looking leather wrap bracelet. You can find this here.
I Love this dramatic/statement wrap bracelet!
I don't care if these are just threads, but they look super fun and colorful :)

I believe this is part of the Disney Couture collection.
Are you guys digging this trend? or do you prefer classic dainty pieces?

Thanks for reading and I will be posting a lot this week, so watch out :)

Have a lovely week


  1. i love those too! they go great with everything.


  2. my goodness those are wonderful. i can't get enough them either. love the laid back vibes from the look.

  3. yeah wrap bracelets are really cool! :D these on the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I agree, I do love wrap bracelets especially the ones in the top and second pic :)

  5. loooove that black one w/ the gold chain!

  6. They look super cute! Especially the third to last one, the big black one. I'm not sure I could wear them that often since I'm really heavy into silver jewelry. I think it would look odd.

  7. Pretty! They def look rock-ish. :)

  8. I have some as well. Have to say that I don't wear them alot :( Such a shame because they're cute!

    x0x0 Tessa

  9. Love these. I have one from winners and I really like it. Do you know where the one that is all black with gold is from (the one where the woman is wearing the red pattern dress)? I want!

  10. OMG! They are sooo soooo cute! I love them....

  11. Love these. I have one from winners and I really like it. Love love the wrap bracelet. So simple but the colour really pops.

  12. These Leather Wrap Bracelets are adorable. Stack them high and wear them to jazz up any outfit.

  13. The collections of jwellery awesome looks lovely after wearing...
    Nice blog..
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