Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obsession: Wrap Scarves

Who doesn't LOVE scarves!? Come on, everyone who lives in a cold country needs this(even if you live in a warm/humid country). It's a must in every wardrobe whether you're a girl or a guy.

Agree? Totally!

well, it's freezing up here in Canada and I wear a scarf everyday. I own a couple of wrap scarves and I'm IN LOVE!

I got some pictures on the web to show you how wonderful this creation/trend is.

Here they are:

Super versatile as in you can wear it around your head, neck, or waist
even Hollywood stars love them...

You can get them here and here
I need to purchase more of these infinite scarves.
yellow is love.
Knitted scarf
Tie dye <3
So there you go. They are love right?

Do you guys have these kinds of scarves? if not, are you planning on purchasing at least one?

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week.


  1. Love these!! I gotta get some more of these too - great for Canadian winters! :)

  2. I love scarves! I want the one Kim K is wearing! so fab!


  3. Woho, i love the yellow. So stunning ! :)

  4. Pretty scarves..too bad i'm living in a tropical country where it's hot and humid all year long. =(


  5. @Shaylee Anne- Absolutely! I need like 5 more

    @Amy- I want it too. I want a royal blue one tho. AAAAhhhh

  6. @liz- I love bright scraves. It stands out if you are wearing dark colors such as black/gray. :)

    @Charming Vanity- That's okay hun, at least you dont have to spend more on winter gears. You can wear shorts and slippers too. :)

  7. I love scarves! I have only one wrap scarf but it's so comfy I might have to buy another one... and another one... a fourth one, haha. I like the dark green one.

  8. Hey Kim.
    Would you have suggestions for a store with thick hoodie scarves? I saw them everywhere last year and now I dunno where to get one!

  9. @Chester- I know, ADDICTING! :)

    @Yomi Uba- hmmm maybe try American Apparel or Urban Outfitters maybe? :)

  10. I love the look of scarves and own soo many, but I get so hot even in the winter that I end up having to take them off because my neck gets too sweaty (yes that is gross).


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