Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hands Up for Stripes!

I will warn you that this post will be a short and boring one, but I hope you guys still enjoy it.

It's WINTER here in Vancouver and this means less days and more nights- daylight savings is on now and rain is pouring like crazy, but cross fingers tomorrow will be a sunny day- well that is what the Weather Networks said. Let's just listen to them shall we?

Is it already snowing in your city? or how cold is it there where you live. I'm really curious.

okay enough with the weather rant and I'll go ahead and talk about STRIPED TEES.

WHAT!? V-neck tees again?

I know, I know I PROMISE you guys that I will NOT purchase more V-necks, well...I'll try *big smile*.

I will not talk about how I love and adore plain shirts because I think everyone does, but they are super versatile that even if you wear them twice or thrice a week, people won't recognize that you repeated what you wore two or three days ago. So forgive me for my plain shirts "fetishness".

So first up from left-right pocket striped V- neck tees that I bought at Walmart for $4.50 each, and of course I bought it in a Large black and white. The third one from the left is a loose V-neck 3/4 sleeves striped top $39.99 from Nordstrom. Last, but not the least is a loose back/gray tee from H&M which cost $17.99.
and some photos I took to show you my V-neck fetishness..

This is my favorite

Do you guys love Striped tees or tops too? or if not, what do you guys wear all the time?

Have a nice week.

xo, Kim


  1. LOL I have been trying to avoid as much stripes as possible since I don't want my whole entire wardrobe to be STRIPES only...but sometimes I cannot help it...especially with the fashion tred it's hard to escape! Thus, I try to wear plain black, white, grey tees...LOL

    <33 Rena

  2. those are some cute stripes!

  3. i went on a v neck binge a few years ago from PacSun.
    i own a couple of stripe tees also. many are the same color, but different stripe sizes!

  4. love your stripes! :) most of my tops are v-neck and round neck.but i prefer the v neck ones :)

  5. I love stripes too! My recent purchases are stripes top from Mango and H&M. Stripes are timeless. :)

  6. @Rena- i love white, black and grey tees too. I think majority of my wardrobe consist of such colors. :)

    @Amy- they are. Thanks :)

    @Alexis- oohh yea! I forgot to go Pacsun when I was in Seattle! oh maaaaan

  7. @locke- I prefer v-necks too. :)

    @Maria- There's no mango in Vancouver or Seattle. If there is a Mango in Seattle I didnt get a chance to go there. booo

  8. i am obsessed with striped shirts!


  9. Hahahha what great timing! I'm actually wearing a slightly oversized v neck black striped tee right now! And it also has the pocket on one side hahah so I definitely 100% agree with your taste :)

  10. @NANCYX0- Yusss! meee tooo.

    @xAgnes- yay! STRIPED TEES FOR THE WIN

  11. I love striped shirts too, planning to get some at the gap during the give and get sale later this week. ;)

  12. oh and I am near Toronto, it snowed here a tiny bit a couple of day ago. It's getting colder here now, but no snow since.I hope it stays that way, today was actually very sunny and nice.

  13. @Justine- oh get the plain Vnecks from GAP. I really like the material and it is a nice shirt too It;s going to be sunny here in Vancity tom! I hope it doesnt snow soon, or maybe I do want it to snow for just maybe a couple of days :D

  14. I like wearing stripes but I don't think I have any stripey v-necks, only some tanks and racerbacks. Those v-necks look comfy though!

  15. @Fifi- They are super comfy. I think everyone needs at least 2 striped vnecks and tanks too. it's a must :D

  16. I saw the 1st two shirts at my walmart while back I was so tempted but skipped out damnit I want them now lol

  17. Loooove stripes! haha only loose tops though, they look weird on me if it's tight!


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