Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Haul: It's All About The Eyes

So a trip to the U.S. means a trip to Sephora.

I have been contemplating for the last month or two if I should get a new Kat Von D Tattoo Liner here in Canada for $22 or is it $25, or should I wait and get it in Seattle for only $18..well I waited and got one is Seattle. Why should the prices here in Canada be more expensive compared to the U.S. Even MAC cosmetics!? God, they are made here in Canada and they are more expensive. why!? anyways, can't do anything with that can we?

so just a little haul to show you guys..

I bought:

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Toasted
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Blaze

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper- I've finished about 2 tubes already and this is my third. I love this liquid liner because it creates a thin precise line, but at the same time you can create a thick line as well. One more thing I love about this liner is that it makes it so much easier to create a "wing-eyed" look.

I recommend you guys to try this. It is worth every penny. It also comes in Navy, Gold, Silver and I think a gunmetal shade as well.

I do not have a swatch for this because it will be just plain black- no shimmer, no glitter, nothing at all. Just flat black which I love.

and let's talk about the Urban Decay eyeshadows.

I missed out on the NAKED PALETTE and I'm really sad about it. I really want one, so if you guys know anyone who is selling their Naked Palette tell me and I will get it for sure or if you know any site that sells them too. Sephora is always out of stock.

Honestly, I never tried Urban Decay eyeshadows, and to tell you guys the truth I'm really impressed with it. I'm a neautral girl, so I chose Toasted and Blaze.
Toasted- a neutral golden bronze shade, perfect for all over the lid or in the crease. Love the pigmentation of this shadow and really impressed with it.

I have swatches with dupes for this eyeshadow such as MAC Woodwinked, Sable, Satin Taupe, and Tempting.

The closest dupe for Urban Decay Toasted is MAC Woodwinked. Not really close, but no one will notice the slight difference. UD Toasted is slightly lighter than Woodwinked and has a less gold and more brown, while MAC Woodwinked has more gold shade to it and less brown. The one on top is Woodwinked, second row- from left to right MAC Satin Taupe, UD Toasted, MAC Sable. Below is MAC Tempting

and this my MY SHADE..Urban Decay eyeshadow in Blaze

I would describe this as a neutral champagne color. Very very close dupe to MAC All That Glitters.from left-right: MAC Amber Lights(too gold), UD Blaze, ad MAC All That Glitters(very close. good dupe)
so that's the end of my make-up haul from Sephora. Next up Facial care

Do you guys wear neutral shades like me? or do you wear bright shades as well?

I will be posting a Favorite Beauty Product Series- I will be posting my top 5 lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. So, watch out for that. I will start the whole series thing maybe next week after I post everything I bought in Seattle.

Thanks for reading.

It is Remembrance Day tomorrow(November 11- Thursday).Let's remember out Veteran Soldiers who died for our conutry and who continues to serve our country.

xo, Kim


  1. Good dupes!
    I really like Blaze. I can't believe the price difference between the US and Canada!

  2. omggg kim! i have the exact same question! i seriously don't understand why mac stuff are more expensive here than in the US.. we should be benifiting more about the fact that their products are made here. LOL.

  3. Awesome haul! I *just* got my hands (finally) on a Naked palette last weekend...on

  4. Love the swatches and I don't understand it either, where do you go shopping in the states? =]


  5. Im off to the US this weekend and will be hitting Sephora and Ulta hopefully, oh and the M.A.C counter. One of my biggest pet peeves is how much more expensive things are in Canada. I mean UGGs for almost $300? We have the exact same dollar right now...grrr!! I once talked to the manager at my local Sephora who had complained to her 'bigger bosses' about the price hike but apparently they didn't care. I think they are doing a disservice to themselves because eventually everyone is going to wait to buy their makeup when they are in the states.

  6. this might sound really silly on my part, but is your money the equivalent to the u.s. dollar?
    Urban decay eyeshadows pretty. i've seen some girls wear it and it seems to hold up/stay on well.
    can't wait to find out who won that MAC giveaway either! the anticipation!

  7. everything's expensive here in the Philippines regardless of what brand it is. darn. I love the Kat von D liner!

  8. @Iamchibee- I know what you mean. I came from the Philippines. I was actually born there. I know MAC IS SUPER EXPENSIVE like hardcore expensive there. One eyeshadow is 800-9oo pesos I think? like WOW!

  9. Oh I love neutrals.. <3

    Lol all of the browns looks pretty similar to my eyes x.x Is it necessary to buy so many browns? I myself keep buying brown brown brown and they look alike to me! Making myself explore colours now lol

  10. Oooh I've always wanted to try Kat Von D stuff!! The liquid eyeliner sounds great, have you reviewed it before? I would love to see how the applicator looks :D

  11. loving those two e/s very pretty!

  12. You have one of the awesomemest hauls ever! those are gorgeous! =)

  13. Hey Kim..
    I was also looking for the UD Naked Palette .. (nowhere to be found in UK stores & Greece) and found it 2 days ago on this site

    It's in stock if you haven't already found it elsewhere

    I will def have to try the liner out!!


  14. Such pretty colors, thanks for the swatches Kim!

  15. I LOVE Blaze. It looks especially good when paired with browns or greens. =)


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