Monday, November 8, 2010

A Good Kind Of A Knock Off

So I'm back from Seattle!

I know I said I will be staying there till Tuesday, but change of plans- I'm back and I'm home.

I went a little crazy in Seattle because if you are a Canadian like me, you will know how it feels to be taxed BIG TIME and it is not good, not good at all. So, every now and then I go down to Seattle and do my shopping there.

Here are the things I bought in Seattle:

- Plain V-necks shirts in Target(Yes! MORE PLAIN SHIRTS FOR ME)
- NEW L'oreal Volume Million Mascara in Target(I will do a review on this and will be comaring it to the original L'oreal Voluminous Mascara)
- Tops from Nordstrom
- Wrap Bracelets from Nordstrom
- Beauty Secret Top Coat and Seche Restore Thinner in Sally's
- A back-up of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat(I just need a new one)
- Aveeno Gentle Facial Wipes from Target(will also be doing a review of this)

I do not want to do a BIG HAUL in just one post because I just won't have anything to post next time.

I will first show you what nail products I bought from Sally's Beauty Store and accessories I bought from Nordstrom.

First up- I bought another Seche Vite, but I will not show you the boring stuff because I know you guys seen tons of pictures of Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.

Second- I got the Seche Vite Restore Thinner ($9.00 as shown below). I got this because I heard from a lot of people that it will "restore" the old-murky-thick Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat- yes, it comes with a dropper. I tried it earlier and it really did RESTORE the old Seche. I'm REALLY SATISFIED with this Seche thinner . I would highly recommend this product. I will do a more in depth review of this product, maybe a video? yea?
Lastly- I saw a review of this Beauty Secret Top Coat from a Youtube Make-up guru, but I forgot who. I'm really curious if this knocks the pants of Seche Dry Fast Top Coat. I will also do a more in depth review of this. Maybe, I will do a post comparing this Beauty Secret Top Coat and the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
It's HUGE!
Anyways, enough with the nail products and let me show you what accessories I bought.

If you are following me on TWITTER, which you should because I feel very UNLOVED :D . You will know that I've been wanting a Chan Luu wrap Bracelet, but I can't decide if I will buy it now or not because of the price. If you are not familiar with Chan Luu wrap bracelets, you can find them here. They range from $150-$300- I know they are bad for your wallets, but I just love how chic and bohemian-looking they are, but for now, a knock off of these pretty bracelets will do. :)

I went to Nordstrom and found these Chan Luu wrap bracelets knock off. These are NOT the real Chan Luu bracelets, but I can say that they are VERY identical. The only difference is that it is not made out of leather, it only cost USD $14.99, and it only wraps around your wrist 4 times(Chan Luu Bracelets wraps around your wrist 5 times). I can't find them on the Nordstrom website, but you can definitely find these pretty wrap bracelets in any Nordstrom department stores in the U.S.

I got them in cream with gold nuggets and brown with gold nuggets.

So, what do you guys think? A good find huh?

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Have a good week :)

xoxo, Kim


  1. almost three years ago, i bought bracelets that are identical to the chanlulu and your new one from American Eagle for less than $12.
    i guess the ones out now are made out of real leather or what have you. the one you found is really cute though. i love it.

  2. @Alexis- wow? AE had these ones before for less than $12, not bad! you should wear them again! they are totally in :)

  3. Oh, I really really like your bracelets. They do look indentical to the Chan luu ones....good find

  4. Bracelets are very chic indeed ;D

  5. i have almost identical bracelets as well :)
    welcome back btw :)

  6. The bracelets are lush! I would really love to try the SV tpcoat it has so many great reviews! xxx

  7. I love those bracelets! Good buy ; )

  8. Those bracelets are super cute! I also want to try that SV restore top coat. My nails have gotten so horrible.

  9. So jealous you can head down there so easily, Kim! Love all the products and can't wait to see what else you've gotten. Now I want to go back to Seattle hehe.

  10. @Mara- I know right? they are THE SAME! :) the only thing that is diff is that this one is not leather. :)

    @wuguimei- Thank you! :)

    @Melly- oooohhh where did you get it hun?

  11. @Nic @ The War Paint Guru- I will do a review of the SV Restore Thinner. :)

    @Marie a la mode- good buy indeed. :)

    @Andrea- oh YOU SHOULD! They are great! Im going to try the Beauty Secret one and will tell you whats better! :)

  12. @Miss Kimmy- awww..I really want to live in Toronto! you know why!? because NYC is their border. if I head down to Seattle, we need to drive for about 3 hours, guess thats not bad. You should go their again!! :)

  13. Those bracelets look so cool! Great buys, indeed. I love looking at other people's hauls! :D

  14. @Fifi- Thanks. I love them too. I love looking at people's hauls too. Eventhough they will make me spend some cash :\

  15. Hi, I happened by your blog and discovered the talk about bracelets. My daughter makes and sells ones like these on Etsy.
    If any of you would care to stop by there, we would love to know what you think of them. Also, if you have any idea's as to, what you might like to see there. Thank You!


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