Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In and Out (lost count)

So, I'm here sitting on my bed because I'm TOO LAZY to get up and take a shower, but I will eventually(after I drink my cup of coffee).

I just need to put this one up because...ehh...I just need to post up something before the week ends. I know I promised a lot of reviews and I will still do it... maybe tomorrow?

so here's my In and Out for November 2010


- Hot Shower- Yes, I'am in need of a warm cozy shower, and please add some lush soaps with that.

- Knee High Boots/Stripper boots(whatever you call that!)- NO I'm not a tsripper, but I love the knee high boots trend this season. I don't wear HIGH HIGH boots that comes up to your butt cheeks, but I wear boots that comes up just a tad bit above my knee.

- Rain boots- I live in a WET CITY, so rain boots are a must have! I need to get my hands on some Hunters!

- Leather Jacket- I already learned my lesson: Invest on a expensive leather jacket because it will last you a long time. I wear my Mackage leather jacket almost everyday because it is so versatile. I can wear them with almost anything.

- Starbucks Toffee Mocha Latte and Caramel Brulee Latte- NO WHIP, but with extra sprinkles please! LOVE sweet drinks. I sometimes like them as a frappuccino, even if it is cold

- Green Matcha Tea- Love Green Tea. I think everyone that follws me knows that. I think...

The Usual INS:
- Basic V-necks
- Sweaters
- Dark Fall Polishes(I currently have OPI Teasy Does it)
- Glitter accent nail


- Crappy weather- I have nothing GOOD to say about Vancouver weather right now.

- Commuting- HATE commuting especially with this kind of weather- wet, cold and rainy. Snow is coming this weekend. Yuck!

- No sunlight- Less days and more nights! and this sucks!

- Two broken umbrellas this week- YES, it's the wind's fault. It broke 2 of my new umbrellas. GRR. Now, I need to buy a new one(maybe a more expensive, good brand one)

Basically, I don't like the weather at all!

So, tell me..what are your in and outs for this month?
That's it for me! I need to go shower now. Have a nice Wednesday or Thursday!


  1. I'm liking the Vancouver weather at the moment, the more it snows on the mountains the better. I snowboard though, can't wait for the season to start this week :)

  2. I hope the snow in Vancouver this weekend won't mean the snow in Seattle next weekend :) I snowboard as well, but don't have a heavy duty winter coat for the city this year!

  3. oh it's dark here at 5 and is so strange! but i mean when you get use to it, it's basically over with.
    it's getting chilly here too (but no snow at all!) we have very up and down weather. so sometimes in the same week (or day!) i have to change back to the air condition from heat!

  4. I feel with you. It's uncomfortable where I live as well. No daily rain-scapades, fortunately.
    Ah, green tea! It's nice to know another green tea lover. I swear by Sencha! So, in. *grin*
    Def out: electricity heating in my apartment. I hate it since it's really pricey. And winter hasn't even begun yet.


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