Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Random Ramble

From now on I will be making Wednesday Random Ramble- where I will just say anything and post random photos. I think this would be a great oppurtunity for you guys to know me better, and of course, I want to know more about you as well. So, just comment below and say whatever you want to say, or even better, ask me anything and I will answer them ASAP.

1:08pm- I'm here outside the place I work at waiting for 3:00pm to come because I need to go to my other job at the mall till 9:30pm. I know, the malls here close so early. Basically they close 7pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9:00pm on Wednesdays- Fridays and 7:oopm on Saturdays and on Sundays they close at 6:00pm. Are malls in UK, Europe or Asia like that too? Like I know malls in the U.S. are likt that, but I'm not quite sure about the others, so let me know.

soo....what to talk about?

oh, I saw this post from Kimber Doll- -FOLLOW her! she's makes awesome blog post and I really like her style. So please follow her.

anyways, the post I was talking about that she posted earlier or maybe that was yesterday was the "Winter Blues" post. Where she posted how cold it is here in Canada and what she wears to make her warm, so I guess I'll kind of cpy her..ish? not really, but I will show you guys what makes me happy during the winter season.

Some people gets depress during this time, and this is because of the lonely dark days.

For me, winter is Christmas, or should I say snow is Christmas because it just reminds me of how little kids play with snow, build snowman, and Santa too!No, I don't believe in Santa Clause, but I used to when I was a kid. Did you guys believe in Santa before?

it is already 1:30pm and I's still here talking about useless stuffs, but change is good. I don't want my blog to be all make-up and blahdiblahdiblah. So, change is sometimes good, Right?

Anyways.. if you follow me on twitter(which I think you should- you know that my phone broke. My phone is a Blackberry Curve 8520 and it SUCKS big time! It shuts down automatically and it turns on by itself AANDDD it needs to be charges 24/7(yes, I bring my charger wherever I go!). My phone is getting fixed by now, hopefully by this man, and fingers crossed I hope they can fix it. The battery wasn't the problem. the problem was that the device software was corrupted or something like that! I don;t know anything about these gadgets..grr! it makes me mad how I need to spend 60 bucks to get my phone fixed. NOT GOOD, not good at all!

enough with the rant about my Blackberry phone(I think an IPhone 4 is a must right now. What do you think? yes?? maybe?? or stick to my crappy Blackberry?) Oh if you guys want to BBM me(Blackberry Messenger) I'll give you my pin. So comment below and we could chat and be friends. :)

So what are the things that makes me happy during the winter season:

Whistler- I go here twice a year with some friends to go snowboarding. This is the best place on earth during winter time. Have you guys been here? If not, you are missing out.
Starbucks Latte! This is heaven: Toffee Mocha and Caramel Brulee- I think I'm buying one before work. So I will be awake till 9:30, since I woke up at freaking 7:00am earlier. What is you favorite Starbucks drink?

The holiday cups- makes me smile.

I just saw this picture and I should probably try putting a candy cane in my latte..what do you think? I should and I shall tell you guys how it taste like.

Winter clothes- I Love layering clothes and wearing boots!

I won't wear these furry coats, but I wish I can pull those off and look decent. HAHA. I really like seeing people who can pull off this trend. I envy you. and last, but not the least- White skies and flurries on the ground- I love seeing snow fall form the sky, but I hate when they turn into slush! I just hate it. I always slip and hurt my lower back. I'm actually really really scared to drive on snow. I mean is there a tachnique on how to drive on snow? I know you need to drive extra slow, but is there anything else I can put in mind before I drive?
it is 1:50pm already! Should I write and ramble more? or should I get ready for work?
I think..I'll ramble more..
so..let me think what else can I say..
Oh, Im really excited for December because I will be with my family and I will see my lilttle 4 year old sister(I miss her so much. I havn't seen her for 6 months now).This is the only thing that's bothering me and it actually makes me cry. I just miss her a lot and sometimes when I think about her I just wish she was here with me. You know the feeling when you are having a bad day and nothing can make you happy, but when you see a little child smile at you, it just makes everything okay again? That's how I feel, and...I just need her right now.

ok..I should probably stop making myself sad and just think about good things.
1:55pm: It's sunny oustide. I will go and change now. have a good week guys! :)
Thank you for reading.


  1. I love whistler too. I've got a 10 day Edge card and a few weekends booked up there, can't wait.

    Oh to drive on ice you shouldn't break if you skid, you just take your foot off the gas and if you skid you just stear into the direction of the skid to pull yourself out of it.

    I love winter

  2. ps, most malls and shops in england are open 9am - 5:30pm. Some places are open till 8pm but it depends where you are.

  3. @Amy- Reaallly?? I really want to go there again!

    And thanks for that driving tip :)

  4. @Amy- till 5:30??? are you serious? I wish they could open the malls till 10pm HEHE

  5. I know 5:30pm sucks. No shopping after work back home unless you want to go to a supermarket or a hardware store. I'm from the north east of england, it's probably different in the big cities like London.

  6. oh i like kimber dolls blog too!
    she's adorable.
    in my opinion, the malls close early by me (9pm..i mean i thought 10pm would be great!) and 6pm on sundays... i mean it's not a big enough deal, but i don't know..can't ever keep it straight :)
    when i was getting my most recent phone (iphone) i was debating on a blackberry or iphone & i just remember everyone telling me the mouse/ball would break or fall off. so i decided against that for that reason. i have to say, i have a blackjack2 and liked that set up. still have it just in case!
    anytime you tweet about wanting some drink from starbucks i seriously think about going too!
    Whistler looks so beautiful!
    not to be a impaitent nelly, but did you announce the winner to that wonderful mac giveaway?
    :] hope everything works out well for your phone!

  7. Great post. The pictures of whistler are amazing. =)

  8. Lovely post! And a tasty-looking suggestion for my next Starbucks coffee!

    For driving on snow: I always drive in a low (is that the word? it was not listed in the dictionary) gear and slowly. I shut the radio off and open my window a bit because it helps me to focus on driving and to detect any changes in road condition early on. Keep a larger distance to the car before you.
    On ice: Don't brake, like Amy already said. I always use a high (again, correct word?) gear because it doesn't transport as much power from the engine to the wheels as a low gear does. I don't have to watch so closely how much I step on the gas. It's especially helpful when you absolutely have to brake. Also, when you break, try to use equal parts of both your motor brake (the pedal) and the handbrake. Makes for a smother braking with less chance to breakaway. Drive slowly, I try to stick to walking speed. Keep a larger distance, about twice as regular. I open my window because there is an audible difference between black ice (almost no sound) and your regular frozen over streets (more road noise, depending on the tarmac).
    I guess it's noticable that I grew up in a region with very much snow and disastrous road conditions in winter. *grin*

  9. Awww, thanks for mentioning my blog sweetie, you are SUCH a doll.
    I LOVE your blog too so much, I put it in my blog roll a few weeks ago when I first got one =)
    Awww, definitely take some pics of your little sister when you see her, I would love to have a little sister hehe.
    Your idea of winter seems a lot happier than mine =)

  10. love your blog!
    gave you an award :)



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