Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brrr It's Cold In Here...

Do you guys wear plain shirts?

well, I do and I love it to death that I have tons of plain scoop necks or plain V-necks. You can dress them up or dress them down and you can even pair anything with them.

I will show you few

I bought these at Target for only $8.00 and of course, there's no Target here in Canada, but don't worry Canadian readers I have something even better for you. I always get a size bigger because I want it loose, so I got a medium instead of a small.
Sorry guys this photo is not fixed, but it is the same as the gray one, but in white.
and for my Canadian ladies, good news for you! I found these plain V-necks in Bluenotes for...guess how much?$5.00 each! oh wait, hold on it is BUY 1 GET 1 HALF PRICE! Yeap, so you pay $5 and get the other one for only $2.50. LOVE THEM.
so enough with the plain old boring shirts, and let's talk about winter clothes shall we?

It's 7 degrees outside. What I need right now is a CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE WITH MARSHMALLOWS..Mmmm.

I love the winter, but the only thing about it that I hate is that my skin gets DRY. I need to put loads of moisturizer and take care of my skin HARDCORE.

anyways..I'm not here to talk about my skin and all those bladibladiblah. I'm here to show you guys what I wear to keep me warm. I love layering clothes and waring a scarf, so I needed more scarves. right?

I went to the mall last Friday and decided to go in H&M to get a CHUNKY SCARF, but ended up with these 4 fresh finds.

I need a new sweater,and found this one.

Very comfortable, inexpensive, and pretty. I don't like long sweaters because I'm tiny, so if I wear long sweaters I will look like a dwarf. I will definitely go to H&M when I go to Seattle tomorrow and get more sweaters.

This cost $39.99
and for the best part...SCARVES! big chunky scarves are so in this season and I love the way it looks on people.

I found this knitted scarf in ALDO for only $25.00
This one is my favorite. :)
and this animal print scarf from H&M for only $12.99
another ALDO scarf for $25.99
So, what are you guys sporting this season?

Thanks for reading. I will be going to Seattle Sunday- Tuesday, so no blogging for 3 days.

Have a nice weekend.

xo, Kim


  1. kim!!! your scarves look awesome, esp. the first one (gray) heehee.. it looks so warm..

    i also looove plain tees as you can mix and match them with anything.

  2. i love the scarf so much, i been looking everywhere for a good quality really chunky one but no i haven't found one here in England!

  3. Nice finds, the chunky knitted scarf especially!

    Have fun in Seattle (:

  4. Oooh I adore the H&M sweater and the knit scarf, soooo cute!

  5. ah i completely love them shirts..

  6. Oh great purchases I love all the scarves! You have such great style girl :)

  7. i like that white scarf in the last photo.
    looks great on you.

  8. hmm, I have a sudden desire to add a few more scarves to my collection :)

  9. @CJ- I love how chunky the gray one is :) and you are damn right! Plain shirts are the best!!

    @Amina- I bet you will find some in Primark? I dunno it seems that whatever they sell at Primark, I see them here in Aldo too. So check it out. :)

    @Melly- Thanks, I will def have fun there. SHOPPING :) AND NO TAX

    @Ashley- I love how the sweater is color cube. I love those styles

  10. @Kelly- I LOVE THEM SHIRTS TOO!!! :)

    @Andrea, awww thanks Andrea. :)

    @Alexis - it is nice, i really like the material too. It's kinds stiff, but soft at the same time..

    @silver_aria- you should. Scarves are MUST!

  11. I'm like you. I like plain t's and I buy them a size larger bc I like them loose. =]

  12. Plain shirts are a MUST in everybody's wardrobe!! : ) The H&M sweater you got is really chic, but the Aldo scarf is quite pricey o_O (for a scarf) It looks REALLY cozy though, so must be worth it. ; )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  13. I'm also a fan of basic shirts.. Aside from they can be paired with anything, they are also timeless.. =)

  14. Oh I love scarves! The last one looks so cute on you. I have about twenty since I wear them practically everyday except in the summer when it's too hot. I already feel it coming, the urge to get even more scarves! Haha. Bad for my wallet.

  15. It's colod in here too, but I love that. Have a nice weekend in Seattle :)

  16. :D Love the purchase and I love plain black tees, especially V-neck or anything that can showcase my neck :) and 5.00 is a bargain!! If I were you I'd stock up on it ;) I am loving long tops or sweaters cause I can use it as a dress :D cause I am pretty short too ^__^. HAve fun in Seattle!!


  17. I love the plain t's and those scarfs are gorgeous!

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  19. I LOVE plain t shirts. They rock! So comfy and versatile.


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