Saturday, November 20, 2010

Obsession: J Brand Houlihan Skinny Cargo Pants

I have been drooling over these J Brand Houlihan Skinny Cargo Pants for the past three months. They can be seen here and here- they come in different shades(black, vintage olive, navy, taupe, white, charcoal gray, etc). I prefer this shade(photo below) dark gray.
Isn't it pretty?

If you are familiar with J Brand jeans, they feel like second skin and I'm not exaggerating at all. I love the way it fits and I love how smooth the material is.

I tried these jeans on and they look AMAZING! You know how they say that jeans with a lot of pockets will make your legs look big!? this one doesn't, in fact it makes my legs look skinnier. I think this is because of the fake pocket at the back and all the pockets are on the side.

I was hesitant to try this at first, but I did and fell in love with it. I think you will too!

So, you ask why I can't I just purchase it? I will answer that question...because it is $289.00 here in Canada, but it is only $231.00 in the U.S and online. I'm still debating whether or not I should get these pretty cargo pants or not. What do you think? comment below :)

I was Googling and surfing the web about these jeans and a lot of celebrities are sporting them such as...

Vanessa Hudgens(this is the shade I want!!!)

Sarah Jessica Parker
Jessica Alba
Kate Bosworth
Amanda Seyfried

I need your help! What do you think? Is it worth $250-$300?

What is your favorite brand for jeans?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. Maybe not $250-$300 - they are super cute though! I'm definitely going to look for a knockoff of them! ;)

  2. Go to Charlotte Russe(hopefully they have one in Canada) They look exactly the same and they are only about $30. Compare to $300. Very cheap.
    But they are very pretty:)

  3. @Shaylee Anne- I saw a lot of knock offs already like American Eagle has it, but it fits weird. A lot of brands have them, but they don't fit nice compared to the J Brands...:(

  4. !AnieLii- We do not have a Carlotte Russse here in Canada, but thanks for that rec hun. I will look for it when I go down to the U.S. :)

  5. I think it's too much but if you really want a pair and it will make you happy, go for it.:D

    Or look for cheaper alternatives.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. I honestly love the look and it's J brand! I have a thing for J brand. =p if you can afford it or have some extra savings, why not? :)

  7. I love my cargoes!! but i prefer them longer as i hate my calves!!! but these would look super cute on girls with Toned legs!!!!

  8. I love them. If you have saved up, and can afford them, then go for it! =) I'm sure the quality is superb and you'll get your use out of them. xx

  9. Old navy has those perfect skinny similar to J brands...

  10. If it's worth that much and makes any butt look great then most definitely, buy it! :P lol. Make sure you have money to spare though cuz that's such a big purchase. You must consider that they earn heaps compared to us commoners. lol.

    Those celebrities look amazing! Try out Old Navy or Levi's!

  11. I got a similar pair but they are leggings in khaki from

  12. wow thats a lot, try looking on ebay, they always have so many great things and i bet you can find something similar to these without paying too much :)

    I absolutely love Sarah J Parker's style, she always look amazing :)

    xoxo Christine

  13. tried searching for cargo pants on ebay and look what i found. :)

  14. @Christine- oh THANKS SO MUCh hun! :)


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