Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Or maybe just an idea not ideaS

Okay here's a short story.

I was organizing/cleaning my room earlier and thought about decorating it. What I mean about decorating is not to paint my entire room, but just to hang up something above my bed, add some lights, and some throw pillow perhaps. The problem here is that I don't know what to do and where I can find some bedroom decors. I know there's IKEA, Walmart, and all those furniture stores, but I want something unique...something that will make me smile everytime I look at it. I live in Canada, so no Target(which I know they carry affordable bedroom decors).

Etsy might be my best bet right now because you can find pretty yet affordable room decors there. Oh who am I kidding? You can find anything at Etsy.

I stumbled across this seller- Project3Designs(Sam Ho) and found some pretty vinyl stickers that I can stick on my wall, but the questions here are... Will the vinyl stickers stick for a long time?If I want to remove them will there be any marks on my wall? Will it be worth the money? Will it look good?

I'm not in a hurry and will do this slowly, but surely. I'm not sure if I like the vinyl stickers idea, but I think it will look good. I'm going for quotation stickers and I have some photos to show you. Tell me if you like them or not. I'm scared that I might get sick of them, but guess it's worth the try.

This is my first pick. The ever famous quote from Coco Chanel :) Very girly and classy I must say.

I love this quotation(picture below) I think I will live by this quote. HAHA
So tell me your opinion. Do you like them?

Do you know any bedroom decoration site out there that ships to Canada? Please link them below :)

- Kim


  1. I love them all!! They were really good! I think the Marilyn Monroe "Beneath the makeup..." was my absolute favourite.

    We have a decoration in our bedroom that says "Friends yesterday, Lovers today, Soulmates forever". I just love it so much... it's really our story (me and my husbands). <3

  2. The last quote is fun and is somehow true.:D

    Try etsy?:D

    ***** Marie *****


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