Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dupe Alert for MAC Stereo Rose! (Sneak Peek)

This is only a sneak peek of the blush dupe for Stereo Rose I was talking about. I say sneak peek because I will post an update tomorrow when I actually apply them both on my cheeks. Look out for that maybe tomorrow on Friday :)

Since I got received about 5 emails asking if I can post it as early as it is.

I present Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset and MAC Stereo Rose MSF

> Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset- Check it out here. I got this a month ago and didn't even bother using it, but I rekindled with this blush and it is seriously a dupe for MAC Stereo Rose. The price if, of course cheaper- $8.50. I'm not sure if I got mine on sale or if it is the actual price because it doesn't say on the website, but I love how it looks on my cheeks. It is a tiny teeny bit darker(more raspberry undertones) compared to Stereo Rose, but when applied on the cheeks- DUPE!

* one bad thing- ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE US. 

> MAC Stereo Rose- This MSF was released last year(MAC In the Groove collection) and it was sold out everywhere because of the hype going around. Your best bet right now- Ebay, but for sure you will pay twice the price or even higher. This is my absolute favorite MSF, heck blush from MAC(along with Well Dressed). if you are familiar with MAC MSFs it is a hit or miss kinda thing because some MSFs are super glittery/shimmers, but others like Stereo Rose has the perfect sheen(not glittery or shimmery).

Here's a close up
MAC Stereo Rose
and.. Body Shop Blush Trio in Warm Sunset
Swatch for the Body Shop Blush Trio- now if you want a bang on dupe for Stereo Rose, just swirl your blush concentrating on the pink(bottom on the pan and the far right on my hand swatch) side of the blush. 
Left finger: Body Shop Warm Sunset
Right  finger: MAC Stereo Rose

Left: MAC Stereo Rose
Right: Body Shop Warm Sunset
* So there you go a few photos and swatches to show you what I was talking about. I will try my best to update on how the Body Shop Warm Sunset blush and MAC Stereo Rose looks on my cheeks tomorrow, if not Friday.

Hope this helps. 

I recommend checking the Body Shop blush trios. I have the highlighter one too- Cool Dusk. If you guys want a review on that just comment below :)

Have a nice Thursday and thanks for reading :)
xo Kim


  1. that's a great dupe! I have stereo rose, but know I want the other one too. :) thanks a lot.

  2. @Justine- YOU SHOULD! I love it. I wore it the other day and OMG it is soo pretty and reminded me a lot of Stereo Rose

  3. i have to test this and go to the body shop now. thank you for this post! it's really super helpful!

  4. @sugar sugar- yes please! Tell me how you like it :)

  5. I love Stereo Rose! I definitley want to try the Body Shop one xx

  6. Im glad there is a dupe, as some people are going mental becus Stereo rose is limited Edition. I am so glad I snagged the last one! hehehe.. tbh i rarely use it though! :( too frosty

  7. Wow, great dupe. I wonder why the heck it's in the US only!


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