Tuesday, April 12, 2011

In & Out - April Edition

Hi ladies 

I have been a very bad blogger lately, so I must say sorry to that, but I'm here to deliver you my In and Out for the month of April.

You may ask why are you doing an "In and Out" blog post right now it isn't even mid-April? Well..here is my answer..I won't be here on the last week of April because my Family is coming, so that means less time to blog and more family time *big smile*

If you follow my blog, you know that I won't be here for the whole month of May because I'm going to the sunny Los Angeles and Las Vegas(well.. not really sunny, but better than Canad!). 

I have a little 5 year old sister and we will be bring her to Anaheim Disneyland(insert "where your dreams come true" ). I'm super excited to see her face when she sees all the Disney princesses(her favorite is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine from Aladdin). I will update you guys on that. Maybe take some pictures there and do a little Disneyland blog post. You likey?

Okay, I'm blabbering again. Lets me share my In & Out for this month


Weather- It is still kind of cold, but bearable about 13 Degrees. I LOVE IT! I mean who doesn't? I can;t wait for 20 something degrees to hit Vancouver.

How I Met Your Mother- I can't say how much I love this show. My favorite character is Barney and Lily. How bout you? Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? If not, then you must!

Bright Lipsticks- Bring out MAC Show Orchid and Candy Yum Yum from the newest Quite Cute collection. Bold, bright, and beautiful. It might be tricky to wear this outside, but you can always tame it down with a nude lipstick right? That's what I do.

Longer days and lesser nights- The sun sets at 8 or 9pm. Two thumbs up for that. 

Body Shops trio blushers- When I have time I will review a blush trio from The Body Shop. Only sold in the US though, but guess what? this is a dupe for...wait for it... Stereo Rose! The Body Shop Trio blush has more raspberry tones, but very close to Stereo Rose. I'm really excited to do a review of it.

MAC Fix Plus - I use this spray everyday to set my makeup. There are tons of ways to use Fix Plus. I recommend you to watch my friend Holly's video and go subscribe!


Applying pastel nail polish- Do you guys know how much time I spend when I paint my nails with pastel shades? For example, yesterday I painted my nails with  the yellow polish from the Hello Kitty  collection in Sephora and I applied about 4-5 coats, but still it is very streaky. I also tried Essie French Affair and still..hard to apply, but the shade is gorgeous. I think I will leave that with a professional.

Not having nice camera- I need an SLR this instant. I need to invest on a good one. You guys know why? because my Sony Cybershot sucks when I take FOTD and OOTD photos. Any recommendations?

That's pretty much it

What have you been loving and hating this month?

Have an awesome Tuesday!



  1. Ahh i'm wearing a pastel nail polish right now!
    I have a new blog btw, accidentally deleted my old one :/ xx

  2. your tweet about yellow nail polish made me laugh. :)) i used to be frustrated with pastel nail polish too.. my secret to pastel nail polish is you have to put (well not really put) but yeah "put" a lot of nail polish on the brush then paint a nail let it dry. the reason for "putting" a lot is so you won't have to dip the brush and paint a nail over and over, which i believe would cause the streaky-ness. i'm no expert but this is just my experience and own solution to that hehe. this is what i've been doing when using pastel nail polish :)

    anddd bright lipsticks are way to go!!! loving my candy yum yum too =)

  3. @Beccy- Im a new follower of you new blog hun :) I love the polish x

  4. @CJ- ooohh great tip. I should try that one day. I actually painted my nails agin with Essie Nice is nice and it isnt streaky at all. Im really happy with it. x

  5. have a gorgeous vacation doll!I'm in for the bright lips and waiting for your Body Shop blush review(only in Usa????)!!!



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