Friday, April 29, 2011

Haul: MAC

Hey everyone!


I need to do a little catch up, so please link your blog below because I'm free this weekend. 

But, I'm here again to share with you a tiny teeny haul from MAC. As you all know MAC Fashion Flower collection came out yesterday and..I didn't really want anything except for ONE lipstick(I will talk about that later). I'm actually happy that I didn't want anything because I can save money for my US vacation next week. 

on the other hand...

I was suppose to purchase ONE LIPSTICK, but came out with three lip products. I have this $10 off so I guess that's not bad.

> MAC Oyster Girl lipglass(permanent)- This is my second tube, so that means that I really love this lipgloss. I can wear it on its own and it still gives me that glossy look that I want. Just take note that MAC lipglasses are a bit sticky.

> MAC Docile lipglass(limited edition)- This came out with the Jeanius collection two months ago, and they still have this one left, so I purchased it. It is a bit similar with Oyster Girl, but this one has a lilac tint to it.

> MAC Mlle lipstick(I KNOW, WHAT THE HECK is that name? how do you pronounce that?!)- Saw the swatches at and fell in love with it. What can I say, I'm a sucker for all things pink, nude, and creamy. It has a glaze finish, but it still it is pigmented(just like Hue). I'm actually surprised that is a glaze because it is SUPER CREAMY. They should put this on Cremesheens.

some more photos and swatches. 

(as you can see Mlle lipstick showed all the flaws on my lips that's why I didn't make this lip swatch extra big for you guys. :D. I should probably condition my lips before I wear this lipstick. I didn't put any lipbalm before applying this)

Oyster Girl lipglass
Docile lipglass
Mlle lipstick

Did you guys get anything from Fashion Flower collection?

Thank you for reading. Next up- APRIL FAVORITES.



  1. Great haul! I blog here:

  2. Mlle is a pretty color but hard to wear. Lipsticks like that mades me kinda sad. I've never tried Oyster girl before, very pretty.

  3. @Lacey- I will visit your blog. thank you for sharing

  4. @Mara- It is hard to wear just like Playing Koi from Quite Cute, but I still like it a lot. I should just slap on more lipbalm :D You should get Oyster girl :) x

  5. I discovered the other day that Mlle is short for Mademoiselle =) but i do agree, it does sound like a silly name. new follower great post xo

  6. @Faye Lu- Wow thank you for sharing. I like that name then :D Thank you for following x

  7. I love the look of these but I just don't think I could pull them off :)

  8. Mlle stands for Miss, which is short for Mademoiselle in French, don't know if you say that in English too. I think it's a cute name. Great picks (=

  9. @Tracy D- I understand some people might not be able to pull off some shades, but you can try and return it. MAC has a wonderful return policy x

  10. @Gaby- I think it stand for Mademoiselle too. Haha. Thanks for the info hun x

  11. oyster girl is on my list of glosses to try. it looks like sucha nice color :D i don't think i could pull off Mlle. it's pretty but one that i don't think i could wear xD i actually only bought Ever Hip from Fashion Flower. I bought the last one in the store ^^ score!

    if ur still bored ^^


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