Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vintage MAC Eyeshadow

Guess what!? Guess what!?

I just wanted to share what I have...

You guys ready?

Drum roll please?

I have a vintage MAC eyeshadow.
Yes. this shadow is legit- I searched it up!
No. This shadow isn't expired- not chalky, not flaky.

I don't know what took me so long to blog about this, but whatever it's here and let me show the "treasure" with you. I use this shadow for crease color, for the upper lashline and lower lashline. I don't know from how many years ago this shadow was, but probably around 8 years ago? or even more?


MAC Cork eyeshadow
- super old school
- twisty cap
- ghetto sticker name at the back. Ha!
- no depotting available here.

 and the swatch. I told you it's still okay.
Well, thats it.

What do you guys think? 
My question is..should I keep it? or should I just throw it away.

Oh by the way, you can back to MAC this one. :)

Have a great week!!



  1. holy moly! 8 years!
    i think you're suppose to throw eyeshadows away in less than a year.
    so yikes!
    i mean, it's a good color. i love browns. and corks a good name.

  2. Whoa that's pretty cool to see how packaging has changed and stuff. hahah At first when I started to read this post I thought you said you got a Mac eyeshadow named vintage. lol

  3. @Alexis- I know! Im thinking of throwing it away, but I don't know...I want to keep it cuz its old. haha

  4. @Leenda- haha. I know its pretty cool eh? I dont know why I JUST blogged this right now.

  5. I would just keep it. If it applies good and doesn't smell or look weird I'm sure it is fine.

  6. ct1980- it is in perfect condition and I still use it as a liner x

  7. Throw eyeshadow out in a year? where did you hear that? eyeshadow should last forever.. and it does unless. I would keep it totally, that's so cool :)

  8. That's so cool, Kim!:D Look at that packaging...

    Keep it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  9. Cork is one of my all-time favorites for a neutral crease! I say, keep it.

    (Should you decide you don't want it anymore, send it my way! :D)

  10. Keep the eyeshadow Kim!!Its vintage after all!!And yay a lovely brown with many uses!!


  11. This is so nice, lovely colour xxx


  12. Wow this is really cool! The old packaging looks kind of tedious.

    And since it's kind of old just mix some rubbing alcohol with water and put it one of those spray bottles, similar to what you use with body spray or something and mist it on the eyeshadow to disinfect it just in case.

  13. Keep it! It's vintage. lol You can still try and use it since you said the texture is still fine and not flaky, but if you get a bad reaction on your eyes, then definitely don't use it anymore, but I would still keep the packaging because it's a rare item. =)

  14. That's such cool packaging! And definitely keep it. If it doesn't change color/texture/consistency/etc, eyeshadow is perfectly fine to use after many many many years!


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