Monday, April 4, 2011

MAC Quite Cute collection

Quite Cute I must say

Did you come here cuz you thought this is a haul? It isn't. Sorry, but I will be sharing with you what I will be gettng on Thursday when MAC Quite Cute collection launches. Being a makeup junkie isnt easy, not easy at all. You ask why? well... simple. It's not good for the bank account. Who agrees with me? I bet you all do because it's really hard to control the need of new makeup, especially when everyones talking about them.

The promo picture is stunning and quite(there's that word again) unique and preppy. When I first saw the photos of this collection from, I got giddy and excited and told myself that this will be the ONLY collection I will purchase for the month of APRIL. I do want to get some YSL and the new Channel Coco Rouge Shine lipsticks, but no! I need to stop the temptation.

So I will try to budget and choose wisely.

You can find out more about this collection from the best source for us makeup junkies!

What I'm getting from this collection:

Lipsticks (CAD $17.50)
> Candy Yum Yum- Neon Pink(matte) - Do I need this? Yes, but I'm not sure if I have the courage to wear it. Im not sure if I will purchase this though. Might need a little persuasion :D
> Playing Koi- Creamy white peach pink (satin) - Do I need this? oh YES! Yes indeed. Im sure about this product. I will purchase this 100%

Plushglass(CAD $22.00)
> Girl Loves - bright blue pink - I'm currently doing LipglossOUT 2011, but I might purchase one plushglass. Can't say no to plushglass because it is my favorite formula out of the three MAC glosses

Lip Pencil (CAD $15.50)
> Naked- neutral - I don't own ANY lip pencil NONE! This will be my first one.

Mineralized Blush( CAD $27.50)
> Giggly- light pink with a lavender heart - Im not sure about this, I'm not a huge fan of the little heart design in the middle, but I do like the shade, so I'll be checking this out in person first.

Nail Polish(CAD $17.00)
> Mischievous- creamy mint - Do I need this? I have tons of creamy mint polishes. I will see it in person first.

So my total will be around CAD $120, but If I don't get the mineralized blush and the nail polish it will be around CAD $75 PLUS TAX! I gotta think think think!

I will update you guys on thursday when I post the haul.

Will you be getting anything from the MAC Quite Cute collection?

Have a great monday



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