Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: Garnier Skin Renew Anti-dark Circles Tinted Roll On


That's a pretty long name, but have you heard the hype going around on this Garnier Eye Roll On?

I did and honestly, I was very skeptical about this, so I went to Shoppers Drugmart to "have a peek" and well..I bought it. Duh!

The original Garnier Skin Renew Anti-puff Eye Roll On(the green one) didn't work out for me. Not at all. So, when I heard about this new product, I researched about it and saw/heard good reviews and I told myself I need to try this out! 

It is pricey- about CDN $20(no tax yet)- I know rip off, but anyways..that's life here in Canada you get crunched and drowned by taxes. Did I mention that tax here is %12! OH YES!

Let's go on with the review shall we?


Garnier  Skin Renew Anti-dark Circles Tinted Roll On- I got the fair tone one

A little information about this product:
>> This eye roll on is formulated with Caffeine and we all know that Caffeine helps depuff tired, sleepy eyes(just like coffee). This product acts as a depuffer and a concealer. So let me see a thumbs up for Garnier. 

The most important question is...Does it work?
>>  It depends. Why? It's about the age. My mom (44 yrs old) and I (22 yrs old) tried this for 2 weeks and I got great results and my mom..well she didn't.

In my part, reduced puffy eyes and the concealer helped a lot. I haven't used my MAC Studio Finish concealer in two weeks because eventhough it is a light coverage concealer it does its job by covering my dark circles and it brightens up my eye area. I apply this after I apply my foundation.

What I like about this product.
>> It's a 2-1 product which I always get sucked in. I like that the concealer isn't to heavily pigmented, but yet it helps brighten the under eye area a lot. Take not that it will not conceal major dark circle(trust me, even if you slap on three layers it won't work). At first, I was scared that it might dry up my under eye area, but thank God it didn't, or maybe because I apply my Kiehls Avocado eye cream every night before I go to bed.

I got a swatch to show you- as you can see it isn't pigmented so don't expect it to cover all of your dark circles. You can see the sheen as well.

- Brightens under eye
- Conceals wonderfully
- Depuffs eyes(well to me it did)
- Doesn't dry up my skin
- No breakouts experienced. Thank you very much for cooperating with me :D

- A bit pricey
- Didn't work on my mom(44 yrs old)

** All in all it is worth the hype and I recommend you to try this out. I'm not that sure if it will not work on older age women, but it didn't work on my mom. I love the cooling effect it gives and I had not problems with the concealer part. I actually love that  can just roll this on under my eyes. I wish all concealers are roll ons. :D


  1. I bought this too and it didn't do much for me, I need more concealing than this, plus the colour was a tad too yellow/dark. But it works as an in-between stage I think, moisturizer, then this, then actual concealer. Or if I am having not so bad days, or am in a hurry, this is fine on it's own.

  2. @Justine- it worked well for me just because I have yellow undertone, but you are right! I use a moisturizer or an eye cream before applying this product :)

  3. I've been meaning to try this out - I have those new-mom-dark-circles and they are not cute :) I would be ok with just wearing this and my tinted moisturizer.

  4. Be glad your taxes are only 12% :) In Ontario, it's 13% on regular stuff, and on beauty products we get HST and vanity tax, 17%!

  5. Also, you've made me want to try this!

  6. i want to try this. what do you suggest?
    which color??
    the fair one or medium one for me?

    thank you so much!!!

    ill be waiting for your response!



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