Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obsession: Gladiator Loving

Hi there!

I proclaim myself a GLADIATOR SANDALS ADDICT. I have about 5 pairs and I wear them with almost anything. I prefer pairing them with jeggings or denim shorts because it looks more "boho" and I actually like that(very Nicole Richie- Mary Kate Olsen- esque)

I gathered some pictures from Google, of course. 

Personally, I love Sam Edelman, Steve Madden, and Cynthia Vincent sandals, but I would like to purchase one Gladiator sandals this summer(I actually want a cheaper one, probably around 60 dollars or under). So recommendations are very much welcome :)

and... this is a wee random but...

I envy this model's neon lips. GORGEOUS. I wish I can pull that off too :D

Sorry for the boring posts lately, my friend borrowed my camera and I need that to take pictures of my MAC Quite Cute haul post :) I might post that either tomorrow or Tuesday .

Have a great week everyone :)



  1. i'm in love with gladiator sandals too! I have so many its crazy. I seriously cannot wait to rock them in the summer.


  2. I bought my first pair of subtly gladiator sandals, and to my surprise, I do enjoy them!
    I love neons, especially pinks! :)

  3. Oh hehee I love Sam Edelman too! Do you know what brand of lipstick that model is wearing because I cant agree more... she looks amazing!

  4. Barry M, the makeup brand, have lots of beautiful lip colours, including one like above ^

    Check out ''Vibrant Pink'' lip paint by Barry M !


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