Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Lust List

Oh yes, another rainy day here in the city. Darnit! WE NEED THE SUN right now!

Enough desperation and let me talk about what I've been wanting for the past month or two.

Why is it that I never get satisfied with what I have. I always come arross things that I want..or should I say NEED in my life.  As you all know, I already gave up on the GLOSSOUT 2011 because I already bought 4 glosses and I can only purchase 5 this year. 

Anyways.. Here are the things I want to have in my life.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation.
> I need this for summer. Heard great things about this specific foundation from Chanel and I'm willing to spend $50 just to have this in my life. I'm just waiting for my NARS Sheer Glow to finish and I will run to a Chanel counter to grab thisI love water-based foundations because they are lightweight and it does give my face a nice glow.

 Origins VitaZing with SPF 15

> Have you heard the ridiculous amount of raves on this product? They say that this is life changing because it gives the right amount of coverage and it has SPF too to protect the face from the harmful rays of the sun. This cost around $44 in Canada and I think around $35 in the US. I think I'll wait and purchase this baby when I go to LA to save ten dollars at least. I've been reading countless reviews about this moisturizer and I'm totally sold!

Sam Edelman Gigi sandals.

> Simple, chic, and perfect for summer. I want to get it in every color- I wont do that, obviously. I can see me wearing this with shorts and just a plain V-neck top. Again, I will wait and purchase this in LA. By the way, thank you so much for all the emails I received these past few days on the places you guys recommend in LA and Vegas. Keep them coming :)

YSL Rouge Pure Shines
> I'm not sure if they are going to discontinue this line, but I hope not. I've been lusting over these Rouge Pure Shines for months now. Of course they cost a whooping $38 in Canada!! I recently purchased Chanel Coco Rouge Shines and if I will compare these two, I would say that the YSL is a bit more pigmented, but the Chanel is more moiturizing on the lips. I prefer the YSL packaging by the way.

> New COH(Citizens of Humanity) jeggings- preferably dark wash
> White watch- any brand will do. I drool over Chanel , but DUH I can't afford that for now.
> Clarisonic- a bit controversal and I'm not sure if I need this. Maybe not?

What are you guys lusting over? Share them with us.

Have a great week!!



  1. oh man lusting over the YSL lipsticks as well, but unsure of what color to get (bit of a splurge on a lipstick) but so beautiful.
    Origins! I haven't heard anything about that specific product, but i just adore that store and Aveda! I would surely save these buys when you go on holiday. and save the dollars to spend on somehting else! :)

  2. Amazing list!
    Looooove your blog, sooooo inspiring!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  3. I have the Vitazing & will be reviewing it soon, I may have both pros & cons for you to help with your decision :)

  4. I'd try buying as much of it in Las Vegas as possible rather than LA cuz LA has the highest sales tax ever...in the US at least XD


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