Friday, April 15, 2011

Products of the Week

So far so good with blogging on my part and I'm happy with that.

It's that time again to show you products I've been using this week. 

If you follow or read my blog, then you know how this "Products of the Week" works. If not, then I shall explain. Basically I show you products I've used for the whole week and make mini reviews.

Sooo here they are!

No flash
With flash
Products seen above:

> NYX Espresso blush- I've raved about this and used it every single day this week. This blush is wallet-friendly and it just gives you a warm touch on your cheeks. I love how it looks on my cheeks because it isn't a cool-toned blush so it really brings out my cheeks and cheekbones as well. 

> Body Shop Trio blush in Warm Sunset- Another product I raved about and you can see it here.  A good dupe for the really hyped up MSF from MAC which is Stereo Rose. The Body Shop Trio blush in Warm Sunset has a gorgeous pink, raspberry, and burnt orange mixture that just brings out those cheeks. I love how it is finely milled that you can easily buff on the product without any effort at all.

> MAC Fix Plus- Seriously, old favorite of mine. This is my second bottle and I use this after I put on my powder products, such as my foundation, concealer, blush and bronzer. I also use this to bring out the pigmentation of an eyeshadow. I just spray it on my eyeshadow brush(1 or 2 spritz) and then, tada!

> Garnier Skin Renew Anti-dark circles Roll On- A product that I reviewed last night. If you missed that out, please check it here.

> Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara- My go-to mascara during the day, but I switch up to L'oreal Voluminous at night.

> Coastal Scents C224 Oval Camouflage brush- Honestly, I don't own any concealer brush, except these two brush that I will be talking about. I use my fingers for more than a year when applying my concealer, but I always wonder if a brush will be a better tool. I love the coverage it gives and the brush is so super soft. I recommend checking Coastal Scents brushes out. 

> Eco Tools Concealer brush Can you guys see how big and fluffy this concealer brush is? It is really marketed  to apply concealer. At first, I though it is an eyeshadow brush, but I'm happy with it. I actually use this to apply a translucent powder under my eye and it works great for that, but I also use this to pat on my concealer. 

I might not be able to blog a lot on the upcoming months just because my family will be here, but I will try my bes to blog maybe twice a week. Please give me good places to eat or to visit in LA, Vegas, and Portland. I will be leaving in about three weeks. Thank you :)

Any thought of the products I've mentioned?

Happy Friday to you all.

xoxo, Kim 


  1. i really want to try the garnier skin renew anti-dark circle but i'm waiting for garnier to go on sale xD

    what type of food are you wanting to try? mexican? korean? japanese? american? i have a list of my favorite eats in LA ^^ it also helps to narrow down an area of LA cuz i don't imagine you would wanna be driving around (there's always traffic in la -_- seriously...rush hour is like from 2pm to like 8pm) and it's really hard to get around without a car. if you have any specific questions or wanna kno stuff feel free to email me: sweetlites at gmail dot com

    also, in vegas, avoid flavors buffet. worst buffet everr...i believe it's in Harrah's. if you can, check out Studio B buffet in M hotel (it's a little off the strip) but it's a great value

  2. I love reading these post! Mac FIX + is a definately must-have! such a multi-tasker eh! hehehe :)

  3. i love the mac fix+! Your so pretty! i really like your blog, i have followed you! please follow back xxx


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