Sunday, April 3, 2011

For the month of April I will...

I will just do this in bullet form. I know, this might be a tad bit boring, but hey it's a Sunday... A LAZY SUNDAY!

> Eating healthy- YEAP! I will! I swear I will! I've been eating junk lately which is so bad, but I'm willing to change uhm..that junk food habit of mine. I went to the grocery last night and bought some yogurt, flax seed, protein shakes, fruits, and....wait for this... BROWN RICE. Wow Kim bought brown rice! I bought Quinoa (keen-wah) rice- this is a healthy alternative to rice, a high protein, nutrient-packed grain(seed). Quinoa is mildly flavored and very easy to digest. I tried this before and I didn't like it, but I HAVE to get used to it.

> Get toned- Hello!? Summer is coming and that means bikini season. My 5"2, 114 lbs body needs to get toned! I'm not saying that I need to be skinnier, but I need a toned body. I'm going to California with my family. Hooray! So any recommended places to go are very much welcome. I'm going to Portland, Los Angeles, and then Vegas, so a toned body is much needed.

> Saving money and being practical- I know, I know I need to be doing this every single day of my life, but I try. I trust me, I do. I promise to myself that I will just get MAC Quite Cute collection for this month and THAT'S IT! No NARS(oh God, please help me because I really want to purchase Sin and Mounia blush), No Urban Decay(I so want their new pencil shadows and the new UD primer potions), and finally No Chanel(Have you guys seen the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks? UGH it's gorgeous) BUT I WON'T! NO buying Kim. NO!

> I will watch ALL seasons of How I met Your Mother- That show is AWESOME! Oh, my favorite characters are Barney and Lily :)

> I will blog 25 times this month- I will be on vacation on May, so I need to blog a lot this month. By the way, I envy those blogs with super good quality pictures. I want to purchase and invest on a SLR camera so I can take good pictures of FOTDs and OOTDs. The main problem right now with my Panasonic camera is that I cannot give you a clear and decent photo of my eye makeup, which I HATE.

Phew, done with that.

Well, those are my plans this month and I will update you guys if anything fails or something. I hope I can do the healthy eating and toned body part.

How bout you? What are your plans this month?

Have a lovely Sunday



  1. My plan until summer:

    Workout 3-5 times a week.
    Study 30-50 hours a week. (Averaging 35 right now, so I need to focus more-also why I don't blog often enough)
    Not go shopping!!! (I might fail this one. =_=;;)

  2. eating healthy and toning up is definitely on my list :D

  3. How I Met Your Mother is my favorite! I love Neil Patrick Harris!

    Is there an Athletic Club where you live? It's the gym I just signed up at (i live in Canada as well, thinking there might be one where you are!). It's a pretty high price, $200 membership, $44 a month. But it's so worth it! There about 40 different dance, yoga (including anti-gravity), pilates, kickboxing, martial arts, cycling, and tons more of speciality classes, all really fun! Plus a pool, cardio machines, weight machines, and a womens only area too! I definitely recommend them!


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