Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haul: MAC Quite Cute

A little bit late, but...

Here's a haul from the MAC Quite Cute collection last week.

At first I thought I would LOVE this collection, but when I saw it in person it wasn't what I thought it will be. Yeah, this collection has a pastel theme to it, the names are cute and the shades are absolutely gorgeous, but the quality and pigmentation do I say this in a good way? and disappointing a little bit.

Last Thursday(April 7) I rushed to my nearest MAC counter and my mind was already set that I will be spending around $100-$120. Initially, I bought six products from this collection(2 plushglasses, 2 lipsticks, and 2 mineralized blush), but when I swatched the mineralized blush and tried it on, it was chalky and really powdery. So I got to do what I got to do..RETURN! So, I'm here, left with four products and spent less than a bill. 
 I got:


> Playing Koi-  creamy white peach with a hint of pink(Satin)
- Love the color, but not really a fan of the look on my lips. Very drying and you can really see the flaws on your lips. I still need to learn how to wear this without looking like I never applied lipbalm on my lips.
> Candy Yum-Yum- Bright neon pink(Matte)
- This is my favorite of the bunch, doesn't look matte though and it is creamier than Playing Koi. When will I be able to wear this? I don't know, but I will eventually. :D

Plushglass: If you are not familiar with MAC's Plushglass, then I will explain it to you. They are marketed to give you plump lips. I don't think it works though :|

> Girl loves- Creamy pink with blue undertones
Love you- Creamy lilac
* I really have nothing to say about these plushglasses, but they are sheer and I really like them (I like the tingle okay?).

Photo below: Candy Yum Yum and Playing Koi

Photo Below: I Love you and Girl Loves Boy

* In conclusion, I have something to say to MAC: 
PLEASE step up your game and don't release a new collection twice or thrice a month. Release a collection maybe once a month with good quality products, no more chalky/powdery blushes and uber sheer eyeshadows .

Thank you.

Thoughts?What did you get from this collection?



  1. Gorgeous colors I just ordered the same things along with a few others :) Nice post, thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. I thought the same way too. I thought I would love it A LOT but when I swatched it in person they were just okay. I didnt test out the Plushglass, they actually look really like on your skin :)

  3. thrice! i love that term.
    i wish they put the collections out when they come out around here. they come out a little bit later and when they do I've gotta hustle over. otherwise the grossest people destroy the display or the people let it melt. what!?

  4. @Julianne- It is but it takes courage to wear it. Might just tone it down with a nude lipstick :)

  5. @Renay Shanel- OHH i wanna see :) Blog post :D

  6. @Winnie- I know. I was super excited when I saw the new collection from Temptalia. Its a good thing actually cuz I didnt spend a lot of money :)

  7. @Alexis- awee where are you from ?

  8. i agree with what you said. MAC releases so many collections that it just gets so confusing... but everything gets sold out anyway. :/ maybe it's a marketing scheme? hmmm...

  9. @sugar sugar- yeah I think so too. I wish they don't release a new collection like twice a month. Once will be alright :)

  10. i totally agree...i feel like the hype for this collection was a disappointment compared to the actual products. i so wanted to buy one or two blushes cuz the heart was soooo cutee but then i went in store and swatched it and it was so bad that i walked out without buying a thing :( i tried on candy yum yum and it accentuated my flaky lips so i passed on that too :(

  11. awww.. u got all the good stuff!! lucky girl!! I wanted the Candy Yum Yum but they were sold out at my MAC counter real fast... but after seeing this I think Imma go back there & ask for Playing Koi now... it looks like a pretty color... I love peach on my lips!

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