Thursday, April 7, 2011

Speed Blogging

Hows everyone doing so far?

It's REALLY REALLY REALLY sunny and I'm loving it...A LOT! How's the weather there in your place? Is it treating you well?

Well, I titled this "Speed Blogging" because I just upload pictures and talk about it a little bit and I'm done!

So here is the said nails of the day..or should I say WEEK. Yes, guys this Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI(a creamy pinky lilac shade which is by the way perfect for spring and summer) lasted me for a week(well..six days to be exact) and look!- no chipping here. 

Well, thats it!

Have a nice Friday(insert Rebecca Black's "Black Friday")- HEHE.

What's your favorite nail polish?

Thanks all for reading and look out for my MAC Quite Cute haul!



  1. i ADORE this polish!! :D

  2. I need to find my favourite...I am thinking a nude pink but we'll see, this one is so pretty and I love the shape of your nails!

  3. this is such a pretty color!! this has been on my drool list for a while now... maybe it's time for me to get it since it's a sp;ring color & all..

  4. @Tracy D- I need a nude pink too! I still need to hunt for that polish :)

  5. @Annette- OH YOU NEED IT IN YOUR collection heck your LIFE! :D

  6. is that picture after 6 days?! o.O that would be amazing o.o mine always chip by the 4th day-ish and i think my nails grow fast too :P

    my faveee color is Mod About You by OPI and ur so lucky its sunny T_T it's raining & freezing today T_T

  7. I have this one, it's really pretty, has a pink but purple feel to it. And six days is awesome, I leave my polish on for a week sometimes just cause I am lazy and if I like a colour a lot, I don't want to take it off. :)

  8. i love that color!
    nice touch adding the Rebecca Black song in a bid goodbye. hahaha

  9. hello from sweden.

    this is a pretty color. it shall be on my list.

    new subbie btw, here and on twitter too.


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