Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hair Envy

Who else but Miss Lauren Conrad.

I just can't state how much I envy her..uhm EVERYTHIN! Lets see...She's an author, fashion designer, actress, and most of all the most simple and well behaved lady in Hollywood. Okay, well there's Hilary Duff who I also adore, but Lauren Conrad dresses up so effortless and still looks chic and sophisticated at the same time. Did I say her boyfriend is a hockey player? UGH envious much.

Anyways, I wanted to ask you who is/are your favorite Hollywood star? I'm really curious :)

Her HAIR...speechless. Come on just look at her I love her hair whether her hair is curled up, pinned, braided, or straightened.

*pictures courtesy of Tumblr

Rave and jealousy over or maybe not

Have a beautiful weekend.



  1. i love her hair also!! i think my favorite was that front bang braid thing she started xD my fave hollywood actress is reese witherspoon or catherine zeta jones. super classy :D but then i think i have diff celeb inspirations for like makeup or fashion or hair :D too many to list actually...also really like taylor swift rite now xD

  2. She's so beautiful! and her hair is amazing! I'm very jealous xx

  3. She has amazing hair - always looks soooooo nice jealous :( xxx

  4. I love her too! Absolutely love her hair and style.



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