Monday, February 14, 2011

Drooling Over Benefit!

What better way start the day than to drool over some makeup products from Benefit Cosmetics.

I'm a Benefit newbie! There I said it.

I know, I know, shockeroo I don't own any of these well-known products from Benefit. Honestly speaking, I actually stayed away from the brand for quite sometime now because I had a bad experience with it. Four years ago(wow that sounded like a centuries ago) when I wasn't into makeup yet, my mom brought me to The Bay here in Canada to shop for some basic makeup products(I don't know why I didn't head off to MAC or NARS instead). The sales lady at the Benefit counter suggested a traveling brush set to me because brushes are important when you are starting of with make-up right? I didn't know what brushes or products to choose from the brand because I wasn't familiar with ANY brands yet at that time. So to cut the long story short, my mom ended up purchasing the brush set for me($52) it was TERRIBLE- there were 4 brushes inside( eyeshadow, liner, concealer, and a brow brush). The bristles are horrible that it felt harsh on my skin, so from then on I stayed away from Benefit.

About a year ago when I started this blog, I saw some great reviews and raves about Benefit blushes, specifically Coralista and Sugarbomb. I don't know why, but until now when I go to Sephora I just skip Benefit and go straight to NARS/YSL/Makeup Forever etc.

I need to try some Benefit products and learn more about the brand. So this is the purpose of this post. I need your help my fellow beauty/make-up junkies, I need your recommendations and suggestions on what products are worth my moola. Please!! *big kiddie smile*

I really want one blush, two velvet eyeshdaows to start off, 2 creaseless creams, and Posey Tint OR High Beam. Of course, I wont buy them all at once. I wish I'm THAT RICH to buy everything at once. I know their products are NOT cheap at all, so I have to think really carefully on what is wprth it and what is not.

here are some Benefit products:

There newest blush- Bella Bamba

There most popular product- Coralista
Sugarbomb Blush- I'm really debating over what to get this blush or Coralista, but now that I heard good reviews for Bella Bamba I guess theres three to choose from now.

Posey Tint- I love versatile products like this

High Beam highligher- I saw makeup tutorials where they use High beam to show off those pretty cheek bones.

and finally, there eyeshadows.
I want neutral shades for now. :)
Creaseless cream shadows

and their Velvet shadows.

That's the end of my late night Benefit drooling. So, please help a poor friend out :)
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Thanks you for your support <3
Hope you have a happy Tuesday :)
xo, Kim


  1. As I've written before I really LOVE Coralista, but I haven't tried any of the other blushes. Maybe they are even better...!? ;)

    I also have High Beam and I haven't really decided what I think of it yet. I had such great expectations, but although I like it, I don't love it. I can look a bit ashy on some skin types I think, but on others it looks really nice. I tend not to use it so much so it's not one of my favourite products apparently.

  2. Hey kim,
    I have been working with benefit now for almost 4 years..(we sell it in the store i work at ;) ) and I have to say, I think that it is an "accessory brand". Definitely do not want to do your WHOLE makeup collection with it, but they have awesome cute unique items. I do think they have great eyeshadows and lipsticks. The face powders don't impress me besides HOOLA(which is a matte bronzer that isn't orange) and CORALISTA(which actually gives off awesome pigment to someone of yours and my skintone)
    HIGHBEAM and POSIETINT aren't anything special to me, besides the packaging.... which let's face it, if benefit were not in cute packaging, I'm not sure it would sell so well!
    I think you are on the right track on keeping with or having most of your makeup from MUFE, YSL and MAC.
    If you want some products from Benefit, we should do a trade, or I'll just give you some. I get loads for free :)
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  3. @Catharina- Thanks! I really want Coralista now! :D

    @Vivid Fusion- I tweeted you :D Thank you so much hun x just tweet me back :)

  4. I really love my Hoola bronzer, if you want to try a few Benefit items you should wait until they have the sets. You get full size products for the price of 1. That's usually how I get myself to try it out. You'll love Benefit.


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