Saturday, February 12, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Blushers

Blogging on a Saturday night before I head to downtown Vancouver to celebrate the one year anniversary of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I bet it's going to be fun because there will be concerts, food, games, and the best part- Canadian olympians will be there as well(some). I'm really excited, so I better finish blogging and go dress up.

So..when it comes to blushes, I usually stick to neutral shades- pinks, peaches, and shades in between, but recently I've been exploring with some bright shades like NARS Taj Mahal(burnt orange), and NARS Exhibit A (bright red orange). I borrowed my friend's NARS blushes a week ago to give them a try because she doesn't really use them at all, so might as well borrow them right?I just know that I will purchase NARS Taj Mahal and Exhibit A sooner or later because everytime I go to Sephora, I swatch them -> look at the pretty swatches on my hand ->drool oven them -> tell myself " NO KIM you have way too many blushes" -> look at the swatch again -> *deep SIGH* -> walk away. Can someone please tell me that I NEED those blushes in my life?

okay, enough blabbering..

Here are MY TOP 10 BLUSHERS:

> Stereo Rose
> Petticoat
> Prism
> Dame(pro pan in the blush palette)
> Well Dressed (pro pan in the blush palette)
> Pink Swoon (pro pan in the blush palette)
> Instant Chic(limited edition) (pro pan in the blush palette)

> Madly
> Deep Throat

> Plaza Pink

clockwise: MAC MSF "Stereo Rose", MAC "Prism", NARS "Deep Throat", NARS "Madly", MAC MSF "Petticoat"
from top to bottom: MAC "Dame", MAC "Well Dressed", MAC "Pink Swoon", MAC "Instant Chic"
N.Y.C Blush stick in "Plaza Pink"

and for swatches:
Left to right: MAC Stereo Rose and Petticoat
from left to right: MAC "Prism", NARS "Deep Throat", and NARS "Madly"swatches for the MAC pro pans in the blush palette

top: MAC Dame, MAC Well Dressed, MAC Pink Swoon
bottom: MAC Instant Chic
N.Y.C. Blushable creamstick in Plaza Pink
My cheek combo for the week:

featuring NARS Madly and MAC Stereo Rose- favorite cheek combo of all time!
show them your awkward no- teeth smile
Blushes I've been drooling over:
- Guerlain's Blush G
- NARS Taj Mahal
- NARS Exhibit A
- NARS Torrid
- NARS Sin
- MAC Cubic
do you guys have any blush recommendations for me?
What's your go-to blush?
happy weekend :)
xo, Kim


  1. I love the blushers you're wearing! ^_^
    I love your collection!

  2. I heard Sleek makes a dupe for exhibit A called scandalous. You can order it on their site

  3. U look so radiant in the pictures. I love blushes. Nara deep throat Is one of my favorite too

  4. I enjoy reading your top 10 favs, nice blush collection!

  5. I really like Stero Rose too bad it's so hard to get a hold of. :(

  6. your blush collection is so pretty! love the combo on your cheeks it literally makes you look like you're glowing!

  7. @MSadapop- thank you. it is a really easy look that I can wear everyday x

    @PoorCollege Student- really? Thanks, but I live in Canada. Do they ship worldwide?

  8. @xbbkay- NARS deep throat must be in everyones blush collection.

    @Tara- Thanks. Im thinking what to blog next. I do not have a lot of bronzers. I think I only have 3.

  9. @Mara- It is really hard to look for it now. Im scared to use Stereo Rose cuz I know it is hard to look for it :(

    @Lisa- Thanks. No highlights for that look. I think Stereo Rose gives the cheeks that natural glowy look x

  10. your skin is gorgeous! I think you suit alot of orange color blushes :]

  11. You have some gorgeous blushers there, i really need a bigger selection but there are soooo many nice ones its hard to choose x

  12. the blush that i've been using a lot lately is mac dainty. i'm not inlove with it. i just want to use prolly half of it before i get a new one.

    you and i got the same pattern when going into a makeup store. hahaha..

  13. @Yvonne- Thanks you think so? hmm I should try more orange blushes :)

    @ nicoletta- There are so many nice ones to choose from. I think NARS will be my fave brand when it comes to blushes. They might not as many colors as MAC, but I love their blushes a lot.

  14. @CJ- YEAP! Same pattern I do everytime i go inside Sephora. I just want to buy everything they have!

  15. How many great blushes you have! I don't have any of them, but I can imagine buying quite a few of them now that I've seen how great the look.

    I just bought Benefit Coralista and I think it's fabulous! A bit more sheer than I thought, but it gives such a healthy Rio-look. Just as it says it does. Love it! I also love MAC Ladyblush. Have you tried any of these?

  16. @Catharina- Thanks for sharing, but honestly I don't own any of them. I really want to purchase Coralista. I heard so many good reviews about it, but Im still thinkng whether to purchase bella bamba, Sugarbom or Coralista. hmmmm


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