Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obsession: Wildfox Tops

I heart thee

three things:
> oversized shirts.
> Everything Alessandra Ambrosio and Megan Fox wears count me IN.
> Hollywood Stars love them.

- If hollywood stars like them, then it must be expensive right(most of the time)? is around $70-$150.

Photos courtesy of

I have this(photo below on Megan Fox)

I might get this next. This if from their new spring 2011 collection

I heart everything Alessandra Ambrossio
and this(photo below)- I love the bold "LOVE" print
Will you be purchasing some Wildfox?


  1. I love them. I actually saw them for the first time last week watching a MeganHeartsMakeup youtube video. I would love one but unfortunately they don't have a plus sized line :(
    I really love the pink 'love' one.

  2. Ahh I have a skull one which I love :) I had never heard of the brand before but bought it anyway so pleased with it :) xo

  3. they all look awesome! i'm actually just starting to love them..


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