Monday, February 14, 2011

Shopping My Stash: Part 3

Happy HEARTS day everyone. Hope you guys(my UK/Asia readers) had a wonderful night with your loved ones and if you live in Canada or in the US, then I wish you guys will wonderful night later on :)

I have a perfect song stuck in my head right now...

I need you boo, I gotta see you boo
And the hearts all over the world tonight
Said the hearts all over tha world tonight


Yes, With You by Chris Brown- perfect song for the day.

okay enough with the mushy stuffs.

Can I just rant about something quickly?

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I've been waiting for a pracel to arrive in the mail three days ago or was that four days ago, but anyways the postman left a note outside my house that no one was home when he rang the doorbell.

To: Mr Postman(eventhough I don't know who the heck you are),

I was at home waiting for you to ring the doorbell. I stayed home for you and my doorbell is working because I tried to ring it when I saw your note(because I thought that the doorbell wasn't working because i didn't hear anything). Now I have to go to 7 eleven and get my parcel there. You didn't even leave any specific time on when I can pick my package up. How will I know if my package is there or not?

PS: I did go to 7 eleven and the lady said that there was no package there for me!? How is that possible? what should I do now? grr. hate situations like this. I will go to 7 eleven again later.


Anyways back to what this post is all about

I've shown you guys Shopping my Stash Part 1 and Part 2, so now it's time to show Part 3

I found more "neglected" products in my magical drawer. > MAC Creamcolor base in "Shell" - soft pink beige with slight micro glitters
> MAC Paint Pot in "Rubenesque" - golden peach with gold pearl
> NYX Eyeshadow in "Ultimatum" - white champagne with shimmer

I even remember raving about Rubenesque paint pot and Shell cream color base awhile back. I know I will still love Rubenesque because I can wear it alone with a champagne/neutral eyeshadows(Naked Lunch or All That Glitters) and I'm good to go. Shell cream color base will be a good highlighter on the cheekbones and browbone. My only problem with Shell is that it doesn't look natural like what MAC Soft and Gentle MSF gives because it does contain glitters. If you are interested with MAC cream color bases, I suggest you try them out first and what I mean by try is that you need to apply it on your face and see if it the shade matches you. I made a mistake by just swatching Shell on my hand and quickly paid for it. I want to try Luna and Hush cream color bases now.

Ultimatum is practicallya straighy forward shade. I say straight forward because I know I will use this as a inner highlight or an all over lid color.
here are some hand swatch from left to right: MAC Shell creamcolor base, NYX Ultimatum eyeshadow, and MAC Rubenesque paint pot.
If you don't have Rubenesque paint pot in your makeup stash, then I suggest you go buy it because it's the type of shade that you can always slap on if you're lazy and in a hurry. Amongst all MAC Paint pots, I would suggest you get these 4- Bare Study, Construtivist, Painterly, and Rubenesque.
Conclusion: I think that's the end of my "Shopping my Stash" journey and I'm really glad I shared that with you.
Giveaway as soon as I get my parcel. I would just want to say this in advance that my giveaway is sponsored. You will know by who within this week. :)
Have a happy week and enjoy the day/night away
xo, Kim


  1. I need to write a letter to my postlady.

    Dear Mrs Postwoman,
    Smoking in your car with all of my special beauty packages is not okay. I am sick of everything I get reeking of cigarettes. Stop now!
    ps. Sorry my dog bit you...maybe he doesn't like smokers!

    lol. Hope you find your package soon!

  2. @Funnyfacebeauty- are you serious? THATS NASTY!!! complain complain >:(

  3. i just found your blog and it seems to me you're a blush fiend too :)! love reading your post on the top 10 blushes, maybe i should do a post like this too <3


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