Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping My Stash: Part 1

Last night while watching Glee- in between commercials, I was sitting on my bed near my vanity table and decided to shop my stash. I know I have some lovely goodies in there that I need to use.

Whenever I buy new makeup, I just stack them in this drawer, inside their boxes(especially those with nice boxes- MAC)- I know, I know I'm a big time hoarder, but hey I can use them in the future right(blog sales)? So anyways, I know some of them have expiration dates, especially mascaras, glosses and cream products.

So, whilst "shopping my stash", I had a big kiddie smile on my face just I want to say its a "magical" moment, but that sounds corny. Let's just say I felt good looking through my collection and finding some good stuffs such as; blushes, cream bases, paint pots, and glosses.

I can't post everything at once because it will just be a tad bit boring to show you guys all the products I found all at once. So, I decided to cut them in parts(maybe 3).

Here are some photos of the place where I shopped- my plastic drawer

Before I went on vacation(that was 2 months ago), I went to Sephora to purchase some presents(Christmas) for my mom and sister. I used my 500 points and received a fusion beauty kit which I forgot I have(it was sitting on top of my bookshelf)- It came with 3 lip products, 1 mascara, and 1 illuminator. I decided to give the Fusin Beauty Lip InFATuation "In the Flesh" gloss a try. Honestly, I do not believe with the whole "lip plumping action" products out there sold in the market(even if they have the before and after lip pictures).

This is what Sephora said:

What it is- A shining, liquid, multi-action lip fattener
What it is formulated to do- Discover the first liquid color with extraordinary Amplifat technology to increase and maintain body fat just where you need it the most.
What it is formulated without- Parabens
What else you need to know- This ground-breaking plumper boosts natural lip fat without surgery or injections. It does not contain irritants or silicone.

I have the smaller size, but the full size costs $29(price of a NARS Blush)- pricey I know.

ladies and gents meet Lip Fusion InFATuation- "In the Flesh" lipgloss- I would give him a score of 8 out of 10.

Why I like it? because it a nude- not pink/white nude, but brownish- orange that looks natural and you won't have the porn star lips look. Not sticky at all.

Does it plump? Nope, it doesn't what a bummer, but it does have that tingly effect that I like. I know some of you might not want that feeling, so stay away from this product(or any lip plumping product).

Will I purchase a full size? Yes, but after I finish this. I will include this as one of my five glosses that I will be purchasing this year- GLOSSOUT 2011.

Do I recommend this gloss? Yes and No. Yes because of the color and it is not sticky(not like the MAC glosses). No, because of the price and it doesn not plump the lips.

here are some photos of the gloss

Blush aplicator is always a plus for me.Swatch- a gorgeous brownish- orange nude gloss
slap on MAC Hue
Apply the gloss
Tada! it settles on my lips perfectly and it blends in with the lipstick nicely.
That's part one of my "shopping my stash" series. I have lots more goodies to show you.
Will you be purchasing this gloss? Or if you have some Fusion Beauty products to recommend, please do comment below. I would love to try some of their products.
Have a good day
xo, Kim


  1. ohhh love that lip fusion!! omg you have so many unused items, I could never do that as soon as i buy i need to try!! xx

  2. @Holly- I try them and then put them back inside the box again :D Now, I have "brand new-ish" products again haha x

  3. Oh, I got so jelaous of your stash! I'm just starting out as a makeup artist and of course I want evertyhing immediately! ;)

  4. @Makeup Look?Catharina- Oh wow! Congrats on that. I hope all wokrs well for you hun :) Thanks you for commenting. Its quite embarassing(my stash) the amount of makeup I have:)

  5. I want to go shopping in your stash!!! I really love that nude brown colour on your lips. You pull it off really well.

  6. @Miss krimson- Do you know good products from them? x

    @LabelSnob- HAHA :D I know, I should stop buying makeup

  7. Funnyfacebeauty- come! lets shop together. I might put up a blog sale really soon! Ill let you know :)


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