Friday, February 18, 2011

In & Out - Feb Edition

There are so many things I want to blog about, but sometimes it's just nice to do an In and Out post. These are the things I've been loving and some things that are just well.. "meh" for me.

So without further a do ladies and gents, my In & Out Feb edition.


MATTE RED LIPS - I just love girls who wears red lips. When I see someone with a bold red(or red toned) lips it just screams "CONFIDENT!" I know not everyone can pull red lips, but there are some techniques that we(yes, I'm included) can do- apply balm, apply red lipstick on top, then wipe your lips with tissue, then finally apply red lipstick(just dab) again.

BRIGHT LIPSTICKS- Hello Spring. I can't wait to wear bright lipsticks. I actually tried wearing a bright lip(Full Fischia)it might not be appropriate right now, but I quite like it.

here are some bright lipsticks from MAC:

Saint Germain
Girl About Town
Neon Orange
Full Fuschia

STARBUCKS- Green Tea apple juice and Marshmallow dream bar- My two very best friend every morning before I go to work/school. The best thing about these is that they only cost 5
dollars all together. :) Horrah for Strabucks!

SUNNY BREAKS- Sunshine in Vancity for the past week! :D Good Job Mr. Sun! I heart thee.

VITAMIN C- Vitamins!? What the!? Yeap! I finally learned how to drink vitamins in the
morning and before I go to bed. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been sick for a month- bloddy flu! I've been drinking Vitamin C twice a day, specifically Centrum and One A Day Women's(a big thank you to my dad because he keeps nagging me to drink Vitamin C for the past year :D)

DAINTY JEWELRIES- Feminine, classy, and chic! I'm still looking for nice dainty charms- necklace or bracelets. So if you guys know any site or seller please comment below. :)

MAC PETTICOAT MSF and NARS MADLY CHEEK COMBO- If you guys know me, I'm a Stereo Rose addict for the past months, but I should set that aside for now and use Petticoat for a change. I've been using NARS Madly and a swipe of Petticoat on top :) Perfect combo!

GUM- I need a pack of gum inside my purse or else I'll die for the day(well, not really, but I need to chew gum every after meal).

MAC TLC(Tinted Lip Conditioner)- I have Petting Pink and I've been wearing it under every lipstick. I love love MAC TLC's

SHORT NAILS- dark polishes needs to be applied on short nails.


MAC- STOP! stop with your overflowing collections please. We are not millionaires here! Please release a collection once every two months or at least once every month. I already saw about 5-6 collections for the past two months.

COLD WEATHER- I know it's been sunny for a week now, but the wind is just BLOWING HARD!

POSTMEN THAT DON'T EVEN PRESS THE DOORBELL- Come one! Ring the doorbell. I was at home the whole day yesterday and was waiting for you to come Mr. postman, but you just left a note outside my door. Why oh why!? Now, I have to go to 7 eleven to get my parcels :(

OPI MOD ABOUT YOU- Pretty color, but a mother to apply- streaky and thick! eew. I need a professional to use this and she can deal with the hard-to-apply polish.

FLAT IRON GIVING UP!- It's about time to change my flat iron. I had my Coriolis Flat iron for three years already, and it's slowly giving up on me. I bought it for $250 in 2008, so I'm on a hunt for the perfect flat iron :)

Have a good almost end of the week everyone :)


  1. Get GHD flat irons. I have had mine for over 5 years now and they are still going strong

  2. @Amy- I really want to try GHD flat irons! I might buy one maybe next month? :D


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