Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shopping My Stash: Part 2

and.. the "Shopping My Stash" journey goes on

If you haven't seen my part 1 of my "Shopping My Stash" series it is the post before this one(yesterday).

Okay, so let me share what I found in my makeup stash.

Somewhere inside that drawer, I found a bunch of lip products. I know lip products expire quickly, but no worries because I know if a product is already a no-no- if it smells funny, the texture of the gloss is different than it used to be, and if the gloss is chunky or cakey.

You all know that Sephora has their own makeup line which I actually neglect whenever I go there. I probably only own about 5 products from the Sephora line- 3 makeup bushes, 1 lip liner, and this lipgloss I'm going to talk about. If you know any Sephora products that's worth the money please let me know. I actually want to try some of their goodies. Thank you.

So the gloss I'm talking about is the Sephora Super Shimmer Lip Gloss in Pink-O-Lada

I reunited with Pink-O-Lada again and I'm very happy with her. Yes, I assumed "Pink-O-Lada" is a girl, well just cuz!

so anyways,

Why do I like it?
> Not sticky at all
> Tube Packaging- sanitary
> Affordable- $10
> Shining shimmering goodness
> Last for about an hour-2 hours
> Taste good- lemonade

What's a bad thing about it?
> the gloss is thick

Would I recommend it?
> Definitely! Sephora has tons of shades for this Super Shimmer Lip Gloss- I actually want to try - Limey(sheer green apple shimmer-yum), In The Buff (nude), and Flushed (magenta with gold shimmers)

here's some photos of Pink-O-Lada

I applied MAC Snob
Then slapped Pink-O-Lada on top- Tada! I told you its shining shimmering goodness :D
and then I found one more gloss - Revlon Fire Cracker
I remember before, I ranted about this product and then I set it aside, but I'm starting to like it now. It's a sheer orangey-red gloss- I recommend not wearing this alone(wear it on top of a nude or red lipstick), but If you don't have pigmented lips, maybe this gloss is for you.

That's Firecracker alone on my lips :) I quite like it, but I prefer this gloss on top of a lipstick.
Conclusion: MORE GLOSS for me :)
Have you been shopping your stash lately? What did you guys find?
It's Thursday or maybe it's Friday in your country already, sooo ENJOY :)
xo, Kim


  1. I love the pink sephora gloss! So pretty over snob :)

  2. Not fond of the orange (reminds me of a pumpkin colour) but the pink looks niiice!

  3. @Jessica- It is lovely! U need to buy one at least :) x

    @Isabel- I wasnt a fond of the Firecracker at first, but when I tried it on top of a nude or red lipstick, it looks better than when I used it alone. x

  4. Sephora is a great brand. I have an eyeliner which I picked up in Paris at a Sephora store but it's tiny now and I can't get another because we don't have Sephora in the UK!

  5. @Cherry Pullinger- Next time you go to a country with a Sephora make sure you buy at least 3 backups of your eyeliner :) x

  6. oh!!!cute post!!!
    beautiful blog!


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