Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

It finally came..the day to show your significant other how much you love them( need to show your love everyday).

I just wanted to greet you my lovely followers/readers HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. I hope you guys enjoy your day/night whether he will bring you to the movies, treat you for a fancy romantic dinner, drive you to a mountain top overlooking a beautiful view(<3)>

That's pretty much it. Have fun ladies :)

I got some cute picture while googling..

Peace out.

If you want to share what you guys will be doing tonight, please comment below. I will read them and be all giddy. haha


xo, Kim


  1. love your v-day pictures :)

    the hubs is taking me out to a nice dinner.. can't wait.. and got me some goodies from neiman marcus and marc jacobs.. but says i can't open them yet.. UGH!

  2. @Lisa- aww thats sweet. Have fun x

  3. Cute. Do you have a valentine, Kim?
    We are having sushi and champagne at home. It will be good. =)

  4. @Kim's vanity- ohh home cook meal yummm. I hope you and your boy have fun tomorrow hun :) Yes, I do..he doesnt want to tell me where... :D HAHA


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