Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 10 Favorite Eyeshadows

You've seen my favorite lipsticks, glosses, and nail polishes, so now it's time for me to show my Top 10 favorite eyeshadows(most worn)

I figured that I should post something up while sipping my cup of coffee in a sunny afternoon. Mr. Sun decided to show up and that makes me really happy. I don't know why, but I feel spring. I'm really excited for spring trends- matte neon lips, matte lips, statement rings. big cross necklaces, no eye makeup(mascara only), glowy face and many more.

Honestly, I'm not really a huge fan of eyeshadows and if you know me I STICK with NEUTRALS and I can prove that to you! I usually wear two colors on my lids- inner corner highlight and an all over lid color. This week, I've been wearing NARS "Nepal" all over the lid, MAC "Tempting" and MAC "Shroom" as brow highlight and inner corner highlight.

I would say that if you are starting off with makeup I would recommend these eyeshadows. I started off with MAC "Shroom", MAC "Naked Lunch", and MAC "All That Glitters". I used to use these three colors every single day- Shroom inner corner highlight, Naked Lunch all over lids, and All That Glitters Outer corner and crease.

So...without further a do here's my most worn eyeshadows of all time

Favorite Eyeshadows list:(NO LIMITED EDITION) > NARS "Nepal"
> MAC "Shroom"
> Urban Decay "Toasted"
> Urban Decay "Sin"
> NYX "Champagne"
> NYX "Mocha"
> NYX "Fahrenheit"
> MAC "Naked Lunch"
> MAC "All That Glitters"
> MAC "Tempting"(Photo above)Top: NARS Nepal, MAC Shroom, UD Toasted, UD Sin
Bottom: NYX Champagne, NYX Mocha, NYX Fahrenheit
(Photo Above)Left: MAC Naked Lunch. MAC All That Glitters(these are forst two eyeshadows when I frst started makeup)- HIT PAN! :)
(Photo Above)MAC Tempting
Now with the close ups and swatches:

NARS Nepal, and MAC Shroom
Urban Decay Toasted, and Urban Decay Sin
NYX Champagne(forgot to take picture, SORRY), Fahrenheit, and Mocha
MAC Naked Lunch, MAC All That Glitters, and MAC Tempting
I also included some contenders.
> MAC Rice Paper
> MAC Jest
> MAC Gleam
> MAC Patina
> MAC Hey(LE)

Hand swatch:

Top: MAC Rice Paper, MAC Jest
Bottom: MAC MAC Gleam, MAC Patina, MAC Heyand finally, some looks using my eyeshadows
Above photo: I used Shroom all over the lid here
Above photo: I used Nepal all over the lid and MAC Amber Lights on the outer corner.

Conclusion: I should explore more with colored eyeshadows, but I can't pull off pinks definitely. Do you guys know any way or any look that I can do to make pink eyeshadows suit me? Help a friend out. I'm thinking pink eyeshadow all over lid, light brown on the crease. and an inner corner highlight. Maybe that will do. I should experiment on it and show you guys huh?

Thanks for reading and have a happy Tuesday :)

xo, Kim


  1. great choices! I aallllways use all that glitters on the lid and temping in the crease. I'm a naturals gal too.
    Check out my blog:

  2. I used to love bright colours but I have learned to appreciate neutrals. All of these are gorgeous. Definitely want to add some to my collection.
    Thanks for all of the swatches.

  3. i love that they're neutrals, and all variations of that spectrum.

  4. @Sarah- Thanks x :)

    @Jessica- yay for neutrals! I will always love that look too. Ill never get sick of it

  5. @FunnyFaceBeauty- I never liked colored/bright shadows, but I'm trying to like them. Key word: TRY

    @Alexis- I know. I just dont have BLACK haha :)

  6. @She walks in beauty- Thanks. I love them to pieces :D

    @LipGlossGossip- Thank you <3

  7. Nice selection. Lovely eye shadows!
    Just like you, I use neutrals way more often than colored eye shadows.
    For the pink question, have you tried MAC Expensive Pink? On me it's pink with a strong hint of brown. Or MAC Paradisco. It looks pink in the pan but it's more peach-y. It's one of my favorites and I wore it all summer long last year.

  8. @Chester- I actually have both. Ill try them out maybe tonight. Thanks you :)

  9. Brilliant blog, I'm following!

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  10. @Milly- Thank you. I will check your blog out :) x

  11. Love your picks! I also stick with more neutral shades too, this is very helpful :)



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