Monday, February 7, 2011

A LONG(very) Overdue Swap- from UK to Canada

A swap from the lovely AMELIA - She lives in UK, so what else can a girl from Canada ask for, but Barry M cosmetics of course!

She sent me lovely goodies such as candies, Rimmel London lipsticks, Barry M nail polishes AND 4 lovely shades of Barry M lipsticks.

I was really excited for the lipsticks specifically because of all the hype going on around the beauty community. I know that Barry M MIGHT be sold here in Canada *cross fingers* soon. I actually want more products from them, such as their dazzle dusts and glosses, but I will show you what Amelia sent me

To Amelia:

Thank you so so so much for these lovely goodies. I'm sorry if it took me a million years(well, not really..two months I think?) to post this one up, but here it is.


Hand swatch: 129, 53, 146, and 100
Lip Swatches

Barry M 126- Lovely lilac isn't it?
Barry M 53- This reminds me of MAC Victorian. I love this shade a lot.
Barry M 146- A very wearable pink. Think MAC Snob mixed with Pink Nouveau and Angel :)
Barry M 100- this one's my favorite. I would say MAC Snob?
Conclusion: Please Barry M, come to Canada!! I need you now. :) I need more of your gorgeous products.

and.. a kissy face(exaggerated kissy fcae :D) for all my lovely followers and readers. Thank you for all your support :) I will be hosting a giveaway soon. Maybe end of February. What do you guys think? yes???
Don't forget to follow Amelia :) She deserves more followers. :) Thanks again hun for swapping with me

Have a HAPPY DAY :)

xoxo, Kim


  1. I would love to do a Beauty swap with someone! If anyone wants to I live in Canada!

  2. woosh over the head nice cosmetics, you have a pretty mouth

  3. Ive been meaning to say that about your mouth. I have 4 nail polishes that is about the same shades. I wonder why they number the lipsticks

  4. @Sarah- HAHAHA :D Its a nice experience to swap with someone :)

  5. yay!!! i just did a swap with christina who is in UK. Im in USA. She sent me number 53 also!!! i cant wait to post about it.

  6. @Hershley's Sweet Kisses- number 53 is gorgeous!! Its very wearable too! US and Canada needs to have Barry M

  7. oooh gorgeous shades! What's their staying power like? I really hope Barry M comes to Canada soon

  8. aww your very welcome lovely :)
    it was definately a learning experience swapping! lol xx


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