Monday, February 28, 2011


Look radiant with MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion.

Honestly, I don't own ANY MAC face products because I have very dry, sensitive skin and I'm scared that I might breakout, so I stayed away from them.

People always rave about Strobe Cream, but I found its sister.

I went to MAC and was looking for a good highlighter(for cheekbones). I tried A LOT of highlighting products such as Dior Amber Diamond, NARS Albatros, MAC Vanilla Pigment, MAC By Candlelight MSF, etc and yet I haven't found my holy grail highlighter. I went to a MAC SA and asked her what will be a good highlighter that will give me a "natural" healthy glow and won't look fake. I don't care if its powder or liquid, I just want to find my HG highlighter.

This is what I want a highlighting product to give me:
> Natural glow
> Will not give me a disco ball face(not shimmery)
> Light weight

and guess what?

MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion works perfectly. I didn't want to purchase the full size yet just because I want to test wether or not this product will break me out. I have been using this for over 2 weeks now(every day) and...I LOVE IT.

so..time to purchase the full size.

I got a tester, but I will quickly purchase a full size right after I finish this.

About MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion:
> $29.50 in the US and $38.00 in Canada (WOW! almost $10 difference :)
> Perfect for the summer season mixed with your foundation to give you a dewy face
> Contains iridescent pigments to give an all over subtle sheen
> Contains Bismuth- may give some people breakouts
> Lighter- weight compared to Strobe Cream
> No scent
Where you can apply MAC Strobe Liquid Lotion:
> all over face mixed with your foundation
> cheekbones
> nose bridge
> brown bone
> cupid's bow

Conclusion: I think this MIGHT be my HG highlighter :) Thank you MAC for making Strobe liquid lotion. You just made another girl happy.

What highlighter do you guys use?

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ENJOY the lasy day of February



  1. wow!!! I love it! I gotta give that a try :) I have the strobe cream moisturizer and Im looking for something not as thick

  2. @Leah- You should hun. You wont regret it :)

    @ Flamante- Im pretty sure you can too. I asked the MAC SA about it and she said It is also purchased by majority of the oily skinned people. :)

  3. I'm gonna go get a sample too, i remember having this years ago, but it looks like a new formula..

    love the dewy look!

  4. @ beautyjunkie - thats a great ideA hun. hope youll like :)


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