Thursday, February 3, 2011

Haul: MAC Blushes

Finally found the perfect red- base and mauve- base blushes!

wait, but first let me share what I was really suppose to purchase

these are my choices:
- Chanel: Soleil Tan De Chanel - bronzer
- Chanel: Black Pearl - polish
- NARS Taj Mahal - blush
- NARS Exhibit A - blush
- NARS Mykanos - eyeshadow

and..ended up with two MAC Blushes. I think I should have bought Black Pearl first since it is limited edition..well..I think it is LE. Is it?

so, here's my journey...

I went to The Bay(a department store in Canada Only) and, while strolling down the aisle of NARS, MAC, and Chanel(of course, they just had to be all in ONE aisle), I decided that I need a new blush.

I really wanted to purchase NARS Taj Mahal and Exhibit A- I know they are BRIGHT blushes, but they are just so pretty to look at and perfect for spring! NARS Blushes cost $29 here in Canada, plus tax and MAC blushes cost $24. So I ended up with MAC. NARS can wait.

About two days ago,I was watching old videos of lollipop26(whom I bet you all know) and she mentioned a limited edition blush called Stark Naked. She also mentioned that MAC has a close dupe from their permanent blush line called Coygirl. The only difference between these two blushes is that Stark Naked has more gold flecks while Coygirl is flat matte. I just know I needed this blush in my collection because I do not have anything similar to it. So, went to MAC to purchase Coygirl and ended up with another blush called Desert Rose.

Here are some photos of the blushes I bought.

This is Desert Rose.
and Coygirl
Both blushes side by side

(Desert Rose and Coygirl)

Hand swatches:

left: Desert Rose
right: Coygirl
I intentionally swiped then three times to how you the color and pigmentation of the blushes.
Left: Desert Rose(matte)- MAC is right with their description of this blush- "Soft Reddish- burgundy". Take note that this blush is matte, so no shimmer or what so ever. Perfect for everyday wear.

Right: Coygirl(sheertone)- Powdered rose with tiny bit of mauve undertone. I really like Coygirl because it such a subtle purple pink, perfect for winter and spring.

photo below: blended
Photo below: I took a photo of Desert Rose topped with MAC Stereo Rose. Sorry for such rubbish picture. It is damn hard to take a perfect face shot with my camera. I took over 50 face shots and this is the only decent photo. I promise to do a FOTD using these blushes soon. conclusion: I seriously need a new camera. :D

So what do you think about Desert Rose and Coygirl? what's yor favorite blush? share the love, people :)

It's finally friday tomorrow. Have a happy day

xo, Kim


  1. Wow they're gorgeous! My favorite MAC blush is Melba but I've been wearing Tenderling a lot lately. I really want Peaches, so I might buy that one next and maybe Desert Rose or Coygirl. ;o]


  2. Both are gorgeous. I have stark naked and it is a lot like coygirl.
    I feel like I have Desert Rose but I could totally be making that up. haha
    I am jealous of your Bay. We don't have NARS.

  3. black pearl is limited edition, but in my opinion not worth it nor is the Cruise light blue one they have.
    debated getting black pearl, looked at it in person and it looks like something else i've seen/have. it's like steel. That is my opinion, though!

  4. @She walks in Beauty- I have Melba too. I love that blush as well, but I want something different this time. I have tons of peach and pink blushes already :)

    @Funnyfacebeauty- If you don't have it, i suggest you go to your nearest MAC. :)

  5. @Alexis- I saw it already. You're right I think it is very easy to find something really close to it. :)

  6. ahhh you're making me want to get desert rose! lol. actually, i've been looking for that kind of blush.. something that looks warm :)

  7. Great!!! my fav MAC blush is Desert Rose..i've been using it lately. . and i super hooked to it.=)


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